Poetry and such

Poetry and other fun stuff

These are my poems, written long ago, but I haven't touched them for a long time, nor have I returned to writing any more. Perhaps in retirement.

Slow Dance Stop rushing through life, or you'll miss everything that is important
The Long Moment Changing yourself from the inside out
Musical Interruption Being totally absorbed by a beautiful piece of music
Ritual Scenes from a bar
Spring Thoughts Discussions with friends
Winter Talks More discussions with friends
A Year of Fire A life in a year
The Ballad of IntegrationWare A crazy year at a company I used to work at influenced the writing of this one
Sevens At The Table A few minutes at the Craps table. Came up with this one while finishing up my book, "Winning Gambling Strategies".

This was a book that I put together decades ago, when I was in my early 20's. Still have the typewritten copy (yes, with an archaic device called a "typewriter"), bound and on my bookshelf. I've digitized it for this page. These were collected during and after my interest in metaphysics, and a couple-year stint as student and teacher at the "School of Metaphysics" in Wichita, Kansas, on of the first couple around the nation, visited occasionally by the founder who hailed from Oklahoma.

Reminders to the Advanced Soul A collection of thoughts to guide you through life.

Slam Poetry, by Taylor Mali. Beatiful, amazing, sad, funny... he has it all.

Taylor Mali Slam Poetry It took a while to collect all of these, and that was a long time ago, so there may be many more out there. Search for him on YouTube if you like him.

Coaster Sayings

Coaster Sayings I've been collecting these for quite a while. Think of funny sayings on Coasters, Tea Towels, Plaques, etc.

If you don't know what a shaggy dog story is, you are missing something in your life. These are where a long story (usually) sets up a truly awful (as in very funny, I should have seen that coming) punchline with first letters of words switched, but usually modelled after something you have heard of. Read a couple, you'll get hooked.

Shaggy Dog Stories I've spent years collecting these, and probably still could add another 50 or so.