Winter Talks

Curled loosely, arm a-drape,
    nose is tickled, nuzzling nape.

Staring vacant towards the flames,
    thoughts afire, fire tames.

What you did, you briefly say,
    relate the details of your day.

The weekly news, it takes more time,
    discuss the world, savor wine.

A joke, a funny interlude,
    it all entwines, creates the mood.

And now, at last, you've cleared the dust,
    thoughts are bared, your soul in trust.

You enter realms of things unseen,
    ideas questioned, argued lean.

Opinions differ, that's the fun,
    devil's advocate, one on one.

Philosophy's challenged, wits are honed,
    thoughts exchanged, and proofs are toned.

Some debates are left alone,
    experience shows both wills are stone.

Since you know these talks come often,
    approach those later, wills will soften.

Intense emotions, focused tight,
    not on who is wrong or right.

Are your arguments all sound?
    Blind end alleys, traps abound.

Your sense of time now disappears,
    your love and you are all you hear.

Bathed in warmth from flames and lover,
    above a pinnacle you hover.

Lifetime left but logic right,
    lover leads you to the light.

Love forever, trust so deep,
    yet always question the faith, the leap.

Out of love the point debated,
    logic, faith, compassion mated.

The end result you know is true,
    foundation shattered, formed anew.

Before, you pushed between the bars,
    now you stretch, you grasp for stars.

A scary freedom, the bonds it breaks,
    a night of love is all it takes.

                -- Flip Nehrt