Just some funny text files

(most of which I collected 20 years ago, so be kind)

'Oh, bother' said Pooh

2 Dollar Bill

Actual Headlines

Adam and Eve


Anagram Hall of Fame

Bad Analogies

Bad Science

Bart Simpson's Chalkboard Writings

Beaver Story

Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife

Bio Major

Bricklayer's accident report

Broken Arm

Cambridge Cakes at Exams

Church Bulletins

Classified Ads

Collective Nouns

Comments from the MIT Course Evaluation Guide

Computer Oriented funnies

Condom Ads

Criminal Darwins

Do-it-yourself C&W Songs

Donkey Headlines

Driver's Test Answers

Dubious Distinction Awards

Fascinating Trivia

Favorite Holiday Fruitcake

Fun Answering Machine Messages

Funny Court Transcripts



History from Student Bloopers

Hitchcock Cameos

How Beer is Better than Jesus

How I Met my Wife

How not to rob a bank

How to Measure the Height of the Building

Insurance Auto Stories

Interesting Facts

Job Hunting Verbiage

laptop 'bumper stickers'

Letter from the Smithsonian

Letters from the 12 Days of Christmas

Lincoln vs. Kennedy

Love the Snow

Lyrics to The Scotsman

Murphys Rules of Engagement

Name these Christmas songs

Norm Sayings from Cheers

Not Raising Hogs

Number Brain Teasers

NYU Admission Letter



PC Christmas Songs

Puzzles from Car Talk

Puzzles I gave to Chad

Real Dear Abby Questions

Reservations of an Airline Agent

More Fascinating Facts

Sex Facts

Sex Guide from 1894

Sex Story

Shakespearian plays

Shelley Berman's Soap Experience

Signs of our times


Spell Checker Poem

Story of the Gloves

Stupid Criminals

Symbol Poem

The Balloonist

The Best of Carnac the Great (Johnny Carson)

The College Food Chain

The Final Exam

The Fourth Son

The Numbers of the Beast

Tourist Questions

Translated Slogans

Twas the Night Before Finals

Twas The Night Before Y2K

United Airlines Customer Service

Useless Facts

What Not To Name Your Dog

Who's on First - 1982 Johnny Carson Skit

Who's on First - Original

Who's the Boss

Why Cookie Dough Is Better Than Men

Why the Angel is on the Xmas Tree

Wierd News Stories

Wisdom from the Experts