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This page deals with the broad spectrum of gambling, such as Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Strategies, and on and on..

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My interest in gambling of all sorts has increased in the last year, not so much to go out and gamble, but to understand all of the in's and out's of the games, the statistics and math behind them, and the best strategies to play on each of them.

It started when I had gone to Lost Wages several times for COMDEX (the big computer show), and gambled during the evenings. The first time, working for IntegrationWare, I knew nothing about gambling, so a good friend of mine, Jim Flury, gave me the basics of Craps. As he tells it, several hours later he came back to a loud, cheering table, with me having the dice and a hell of a roll, everyone knowing my name and vice versa, and a couple extra hundred dollars (and empty glasses) in front of me.

Well, the next several times I stepped up to a Craps table, I usually left with a profit. I STILL didn't know the game, but I DID know that I should not have been able to do that. So the study of the games began.

It has cumulated (so far) to a 120 page book that I am selling over the web, though my wife, Shelley, want's me to send it to a real publisher. You can look at it, and purchase it here: Winning Gambling Strategies

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