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If you don't visit any other link, check out these sites:
New Page - Funny Company Names
Clever company owners - the name tells it all.
Never trust a skinny chef!
I love to cook, and these are some sites for cooking and recipies.
I am not exactly a Bush Fan. But then again, there is good reason.
To help you understand why, spend some time checking out these sites
Whey are the 1% SO against the citizens of this great country?
To help you understand why, spend some time checking out these Pictures and Videos
Here are some very interesting articles of Hidden Truth
My site for an excellent book on Gambling Strategies that you may want to get before you head back out to "Lost Wages" or the boats.
Also, check out Muddy Shoes Software, a company founded by 5 people; graphic artist Bob Vokoun, owner of Newvo Design and a Black Belt friend of mine who came up with the idea, Emily Calvillo and Sean Rielly, two other excellent graphic artists that worked with Bob to create the fantastic templates and other art, Shelley (my wife) as the marketing arm of the company, and me, the techno-wienie who put it all together into a top-notch piece of software. This page is the original set of pages, however, the business is now out of business, so you aren't able to purchase the items, just read about them.
Here is a collection of images of family, funny stuff and 9/11. I have it broken down into a number of sections. My family photos are in one section (in case you want to be totally bored by people you have never met), but the other sections a much better (for the stranger), funny, risque, and memorable.
And a collection of funny, odd and interesting movie clips.
Some very funny take-offs of the Motivational Posters probably hanging in YOUR office, these are Demotivational Posters
I like to have access to my collection of favorite utility programs. These are the programs that I always use and either want access to wherever I am, or want other people to have access to them as well.
My latest list of "Favorites" (that would be the list of URLs that have been accumulating over the last decade or so...).
These are sites that relate to Programming and such. Languages, graphics, QA, etc.
One of my loves is Martial Arts so I have collected a punch of links to various sites you can get your kicks at
Just a lot of sites that focus on various Trivia . Fun stuff all around.
Sites I would tend to say have Weird and Dangerous things on them.
Another one of my loves is Magic, as in prestidigitation (cards, coins... you get the idea). Here are some sites that talk about it, or stores you can buy tricks from.
And, of course there is always my interest in Gambling. After all, I have written a book on it. These are some sites that relate to that aspect of my life.
Just a bunch of Game sites. A lot of these are old, as I have not had time to play games for years, and have therefore not updated these links.
Those of you who know me know that I hold humor as a key part of who I am, and of what makes the world work just a bit more smoothly. These sites and jokes attest to this.
Alternate Health has always been interesting to me. These links take you to, admittedly, some fairly odd sites.
These sites revolve around Math things - numbers, puzzles, etc.
Job hunting? Looking for things related to business? This site of career oriented things may point you in the right direction.

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