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In my copious free time (I have been an "Independent Contractor" (read "Unemployed") for a while) I found for an addiction was FoodTV, and then applying those lessons to learn to make delicious dishes for the girls and me. These are some of the web sites that I have found to be VERY useful.

And a bunch of YouTube Recipies that look delicious, on my list to try (have tried some of them, but nowhere close to all).

Note that there are a lot of duplicated dishes, different people and recipies. This is because the normal YouTube Rabbit Hole that we all end up going down. I get a hankering for a dish, search for it, find it, watch it, like it and save it, then see another, watch it, like it and save it, and then see another... well, you get the picture. So these are in no particular order (other than alphabetical, but that has nothing to do with the recipe), so just scan through them to see what you like.

And, again, when you are in YouTube after clicking on one, do the aforementioned Rabbit Hole thing, and look around. I for sure did not see them all, and you are likely to come across others for the same dish that look better to you. Or other recipies for other dishes, and so on. Jump down the Rabbit Hole, and love it!

You might note that I have a couple of favorite YouTubers - Sam the Cooking Guy, Chef Jean-Pierre, Almazan Kitchen (usually "Cooking in the Forest" or "Mr. Ramsay the Owl"), and Food Wishes, among others.

I also just came across "You Suck at Cooking", so I only included one of his recipies in here, the first Sandwich (the "LBGTQ+ Sandwich"). He is very funny.





Other stuff that doesn't quite fit in the other categories