The Long Moment

Sitting quietly, calmly resting,
    inner peace eternally questing.

An ankle aches, an ear is itching,
    a door slams distant, a muscle, twitching.

A thought arrives in Trojan guise,
    it claims importance, so doing, lies.

You get involved, forget intent,
    at long last note serenity rent.

The more you fight, the more you find,
    now take a breath, now clear your mind.

Reduce the thoughts, the conscious djinn,
    cut through the clutter, ignore the din.

Thinking stopped, you've ceased to ponder,
    you've now arrived where holies wander.

The mind is still, the self is one,
    satori comes, a micro sun.

Though time is passing, you're not aware,
    a minute, ten, you couldn't care.

And now enlightened (at least a bit),
    the world invades the space you sit.

Awareness rises, you come to grips
    with tired back and painful hips.

Were one to look, the signs are subtle,
    a calm demeanor, polite rebuttal.

The rougher edges approaching smooth,
    an inner peace exudes to soothe.

What used to be a life of pain
    with thoughts that bordered on insane

Is now a guiding life example
    of what everyone of us can sample.

A peaceful mind, compassionate heart,
    accepting others from the start.

No built in judgments, an open mind,
    a life of love each one can find.

Enlightenment thus is lightening fast,
    it just takes years of practice past.

You know you offer yourself each task,
    your every roadblock, your self in mask.

The goal you sought is not the ending,
    your soul you've only started tending.

The change comes not when at last you waken,
    but rather in the journey taken.

                -- Flip Nehrt