Musical Interruption

Deep, immersed in concentration,
  Reading, swept by fascination,
    Oblivious to the world around me
      as it moves through cycles only
        gods can comprehend.

Slowly drawn, awareness shifting,
  Eyes unfocus, upwards drifting,
    A distant tune is calling to me,
      pulling on me from the mental depths
        to which I oft descend.

A single note has pierced the curtain
  From which piece I am not certain,
    Losing track of time has brought me
      to this virgin place in mind where
        haunting air first flows.

Knowing not what to expect, yet
  Feeling where composer must let
    Music take it's course through nature,
      bound by laws that all can see but
        only genius knows.

The soft allegro comes on gentle,
  Evokes response so sentimental.
    Piano keys are struck with such
      precision only seen in dreams of
        those perfection calls.

A vision forms, and coming slowly
  From the mists is fashioned wholly
    By the power these simple notes have
      in their clearness to create
        a world within their walls.

A picture drawn in water paint
  With shadows bold and colors faint
    The lightest touches on the pedals
      bring to mind the moving swans which
        glide on glassy lake.

A faintest hint of raindrops falling
  Comes from liquid grace notes calling
    To me from the flawless tones that
      echo through this sweetest piece
        describing day at break.

The raindrops land, evaporating
  A subtle oboe now creating
    Sunshine breaking through the lightest
      clouds and painting all it touches
        with it's pure embrace.

A reed so soft and crisp as now we
  understand the painter, how he
    Must have loved this pure and perfect
      view from which he sat and wove
        this song of silk and lace.

The tempo rises, oh so slightly
  A clarinet calls ever lightly
    Sweetened by a trill so crisp;
      the birds awaken, awed as I am
        by this sacred sight.

A single note the rays of sun greets,
  Hangs for several timeless beats
    My heart is frozen, breathing stopped
      and blinking back a tear I gaze
        into the morning light.

Sunlight finally breaking through has
  Started burning fog and dew as
    Many voices join to show us
      details only hinted at
        before as mists are clearing.

Birds in flight are having fun
  As many strings entwine as one.
    In and out, around each other
      every measure slightly louder
        as the birds are nearing.

A bright, triumphant final section
  Entire piece is pure perfection
    A bold crescendo takes me to the
      consummation of this morning
        as notes make spirits soar.

Triumphant ending, the painting done.
  Late at night, yet bathed in sun
    I try to hold this blissful feeling
      while all the notes depart in silence
        and leave me needing more.

                -- Flip Nehrt