The Nehrt Family Crest as designed by Lee Charles Nehrt, 2000
NOTE that this is in no way the family crest of ALL Nehrts,
only one that was developed by Lee for our local family.
If there is an actual ancient Nehrt family crest, I would LOVE to know about it.

Flip Nehrt's website

A lot of this is copied directly from my ANCIENT, '80s website,
still translating them into a more modern format, so bear with me
as I get through all of the pages - and remove all the 404 links!
Meanwhile, enjoy!

Winning Gambling Strategies

My Book, and other links and info


Other links and info on gambling


Sites and Videos


Cooking and Recipe websites
(not our cookbook)

The ORIGINAL Muddy Shoes

Five of us once had a dream

Math and Science

Interesting for some...


Some fun trivia,
one of my favorite
wastes of time and brain CPU

Funny Text Files

Lots of oldies right now,
planning on updating them shortly

Images in LOTS of categories

Fun stuff I continue to collect on a
regular basis (can you say "addicted"?)

Jokes and funnies

Just a bunch of files with
lots of jokes in each one


Humor, some of the best

Not Jokes, like above, but videos,
docs with images, short clips, good stuff

The English Language

Interesting, funny, amazing
things about English

Online Games

Links to online games
Oldtime (arcade) and new
and other gaming stuff


The Rabbit Hole of YouTube

Links to YouTube videos for Sci-Fi, Horror and
Humor (or just interesting)

Our cookbook


Wonderful recipies, simple and complex, for everyone.

We've all been cooking and baking for a long time (please, don't ask), so this is our cookbook that we've been compiling for a long time.


Recent Posts


Hatching Dreams

Shelley's company for the future
    - Still under construction