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Visual Thunder has brought my presentations to a whole new level. I am now able to create high quality professional looking presentations without wasting valuable time! My audiences have really liked my new looks as well.

Jerry Maloney
United Airlines

A large part of my job is the delivery of informative and compelling presentations. In order for me to "close the deal", both metaphorically and literally, I must present just the right image at just the right time. In the past, we've turned to a number of commercial image banks. However, they proved to be too slow and too expensive to rely on at crunch time... and it's always crunch time!

When I first used Visual Thunder, I was quite pleased. Beside the breadth of the metaphors and images I could now deploy, I could reliably do so myself. Even up to minutes before my presentation was delivered. No more having to connect to the image bank, no need to wait for the catalog of images to oh-so-slowly load up, and no paying for images I didn't use.

That's why today I rely exclusively on Muddy Shoe's products to provide just what I need and just in time.

Hugo Toledo
Navigant Consulting, Inc.