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ArtToday - Internet's largest image and font archive
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Bill's Animated Gif Collection ....
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WebCom Guide - Publishing on the Web - Icons Index
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet_Graphics_Clip Art
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet_Internet_World Wide Web_Page Design and Layout_Graphics_Icons

Visual JavaScript Developer's Guide<A HREF=_preface.htm#1003343_>
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web pages that suck -- web design, html, design, web pages
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Frequently Asked Questions
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VB Helper How To Beginning - Free Visual Basic Programming Downloads
Microsoft Office 97_Visual Basic Programmer's Guide
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Word - Using Word as a Report Generation Component
CDEV Computing - VBA WordBasic Macro Word Template Development Site
VBWire - The Ultimate VB News Source
Anthony's VBA Page
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Office Index
Review of Office'97 update
Windows 98 Tips
Microsoft Product Support Services Login
VB Language Manager Pro
Inside Visual Basic _ backissues
Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop
KarLand International
Internet Resources for Windows Developers
Visual Basic Corner
Visual Basic tutorials
Total VB SourceBook - Visual Basic Source Code Library
Visual Basic for Applications
Microsoft Office & VBA Developer - File Archives
Visual Basic Web Directory - vb resources for vb programmers
ActiveX Controls
Visual Basic 5_ The Comprehensive Guide_Table of Contents
Registry Functions
Visual Basic Index Page
Advanced Visual Basic (AVB)
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
VBnet, The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre
Cool Visual Basic
VB Helper Home - Resources for programmers and developers
Source Code
Visual Basic Source Code & Files
Ethan Winer
Jonathan Wood
Lista över artiklar i Microsoft KnowledgeBase för Visual Basic
MVP VB3 Tips_ How to accomplish tasks using the API
Net Dergi Vb Related Sites
Other Visual Basic sites
Phil Weber
Special Edition Using Visual Basic 4 - Chapter 27
Special Edition Using Visual Basic 4 - Chapter 9
SuperVB Source Code Archive Login
VB Online Magazine
VBShop - The Visual Basic Shop
Visual Basic
Visual Basic _ Access Tips and Techniques
Visual Basic homepages
Visual Basic on the Web
Visual Basic Online
Visual Basic Online Magazine
Visual Basic Resources
Visual Basic Web Sites
Visual Basic_Windows CE Resources
VisualBasic 3.0 Archive
William Storage Visual Basic Tools

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The Driver Zone- CD Rom Drivers Page
The On-Line Books Page
Experts Exchange, the #1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.
Intel(R) AnswerExpress(SM) Support Suite
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PC-Help Online
PC Computing Online _ Undocumented Internet Secrets
Microsoft Windows 95 Knowledge Base
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Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base
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User Interface
Welcome to NetBuyer
Welcome to Surplus Direct - Your Source for Low Cost Hardware and Software
Xtras - Product Selector Page
ZDNet Marketplace_ 100's of Vendors, 1000's of Computer Products. Great Values!


.wavs wavs INSULTING WAVES over 400 Insult wavs, hear the best Insults from TV and Movies
Brattberg - The software component home
Cetus Links_ Object-Orientation
Developers Inquiry - Home Page
Frank Condron's World O'Windows - Main Page
Frequently Asked Questions
Home @ BotSpot(tm).com, _The Spot for all Bots on the Net_
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Memories - the Previous IOCCC Winners
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Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Access What's New
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Dylan's Windows 95 Starting Pages_ Index
Windows 95 Central home page
Windows 95 Software and Applications - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site

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CYTEC Delphi Page
List of Delphi Sites

AOL Search_ Computers>Graphics>Web Graphics>Free Graphics>Animated GIFs
MediaBuilder ButtonMaker - Create Free Buttons for Your Web Pages
JavaScript Source_ Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help - HTML Form Builder
MailPost -- The Form-to-Email solution
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BrowserWatch - ActiveX Arena! _ Download _ Update
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ZD Journals - Home Page
ZD Journals - TIPS
Office Tips
Full list of ALL News Groups
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Computer User Groups in USA
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WinSite_ VisualBasic (VB) Files
CGVB_ Programming Tips and Techniques
LotusScript Contents
LotusScript Links
Index of _developers_files
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Directory of programr_vbasic
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Norton Anti-Virus - Download Updates
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TAEX Coop Clipart Group 2 (100 Images)
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WebPosition by FirstPlace Software
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WebPosition Gold Software_ Features and Benefits - Category_ Web Site Promotion Tools
Promote your corporation on the Internet.
!Register-It! - Search Engine Registration and Web Site Promotion
_Promote, advertise and market your web site
Add Your URL Everywhere Enter your info only one time
AltaVista Search_ Simple Query sdfd
Automated Submission Software
Full Service or Do-It-Yourself
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RankThis! The Online Tool and Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion
Submit It! The World's Most Popular Service for Sending URLs
URL Checking Services_ How To Check Your Listings
WebPromote(tm) - Internet Marketing, Promotion, & Announcement Services
Website Promotion and Internet Marketing -- AAA Internet Promotions, 1216 State Street, #301, S


RESA II Tips and Tricks Page
Presentations Tips
Presentation Tips
Tips for Presentations, UWEC
Building a Press Release_ Guidelines
Presentation Tips and Techniques - Meeting and Media Tips
Presentation Tips and Techniques - Delivery Strategies
Staging Connections - Presentation Tips
Building and Giving Presentation Tips
PowerPoint_Presentation Tips
Delivering Your Presentation
1 day seminar
A Visual Image Web Page
Advanced Orators Membership Info
Articles _ Editoral Coverage in Print Media - CMI HOST Hub
Best Of Sales Automation - Office Supplies - Small - Large Business Tools using Microsoft softw
Carolinas Speakers Association_ Benefits of NSA Memberships
Center for Managerial Communication
Communicate Institute Training and Development
Cool Tools for Presenting
Distribute Press Releases With NewsTarget's Editor Database!
Draper Easels
Event Management_User Group Services
First Step Communications_ An Internet Presence for Professional Speakers
Info & Articles by the Staff of Executively Speaking
Janal_ Presentation Tips
LeadNet's Championsletter Nov 96
Make A Speech And Live To Tell About It!
Minnesota Speakers Association
N·E·A·R Professional Speakers
nolaspeaks professional speakers New Orleans
Partial List of Users - CMI HOST Hub
PMRS Educational Courses - Effective Research Presentations
Presentation Overheads
Presentations Home Page
Presentations Magazine -Feature Article
Presenters University_ Advisor
Presenting Solutions_ LCD Projectors and Presentation Products
Press Release Distribution List - Global List
Sales Management Conference & Exposition - Boston, Ma
Speak Up! - CSA Newsltter
Speakers _ Trainers _ Consultants Online - CMI HOST Hub™
Speakers Platform_ Ivan Gelfand
Speakers Plus!
Speakers Profiles
Speeches, Motivation, Executive Speeches
Talkshop International's Newsletter
The Holt Company
The Presentation Center Gallery
The Professional Presenters of Well Said!, Inc.
The Virtual Presentation Assistant_ Presentation Technology
User Services
Welcome To Perfect Expressions Website
Welcome to Presenters University!
White Cards--Current NCMA Member Needs

OLE && Registry Sites

Advanced Visual Basic_ Cleaning the Registry
Advanced Visual Basic_ OLE Troubleshooting
Advanced Visual Basic_ WinError
Article List for VB_ OLE
OLE Information
CNET features - how to - even more Windows 95 hacks - clean the Registry
Effective OLE Automation
FILE_ REGMAN.EXE, OLE Registration Management Utility
FILE_ Updated Automation System Files
Getting to Know the registry
How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online Services
How to Troubleshoot Registry Errors
Microsoft Technical Support--Advanced Support Options
OLE32 Update
Registry Secrets of Windows95
Techniques for Diagnosing & Resolving OLE Automation Errors
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Using Registry Editor in Real Mode
Windows 95
Windows 95 Tips
Windows95 Annoyances (Getting to Know the Registry)


PowerBacks Web Page
Caboodles of FREE Clip Art
Clip Art Links
'Font F_X - 3D Text Animator, GIF & AVI animations from truetype fonts with realistic 3d an
Four Palms Royalty Free Digital Video(R)
Filedudes! - Win 95_98_NT Program Categories
Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network
TAEX Coop Clipart Group 2 (100 Images)
Powerpoint presentation templates you can instantly download to help you do more with less time.
3D Sensations For Presentations Microsoft Link
FREE Business Clipart & Photos
Clip Art Review
Iain's Textures (Highlights) @
Image Science Theater 2000
ImagN allows software developers to easily integrate JPEG, PIC, ePIC, BMP, PCX, GIF, Targa, G3,
Simple Connectivity, Inc. Graphics, buttons, bars, icons, clip art for web pages
Software Library - Video Tools
Tru Realities GIF89a Animations
Wallpaper Heaven_ Tiling Wallpaper

General Programming

AVI Graphics Format Overview
CyberMedia_ First Aid Updates
Dragging and Dropping
INF_ How to Convert API Calls from 16-bit to 32-bit
Keep your Essential Software Up to Date
Microsoft Office for Windows Troubleshooting Kernel32.dll Error Messages That Appear in Office
SAMPLE_ Integrating a PowerPoint 7.0 Slide Show w_Visual Basic
Tips and Tricks, from Visual Basic Web Magazine
Visual basic Tips_tricks
Win95 Patches,Updates & Utils
Win95 updates, patches, fixes and utilities


Microsoft PowerPoint Home Page
PowerPoint Tips
PowerPoint FAQ
PowerPoint On-Line Resource
Bug Alerts - Microsoft PowerPoint

Internet Marketing

Korova Multimedia § The Museum of Clueless Internet Marketing
Internet marketing tips and secrets for small to medium and home-based businesses. Learn how to
Marketing on the Web and Beyond
Marketing Training on the Internet
ONTARGET - Personalized Mailing Lists Made Simple - TMA Menu
Yahoo! Business and Economy_Companies
Targeted Mailing Lists
Targeted Mailing Lists for businesses, consumers, organizations.
Davis Direct WorldWide_ Consumer Marketing _ Targeted Mailing Lists _ Consumer
Davis Direct_ Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists _ Direct Marketing
Franco Public Relations Group_ Full-Service Public Relations
High Quality Specialized Mailing Lists _ One of the best in the
Information Sales
Internet Secrets

Speaker Orgs

Toastmasters International Home Page
Meeting Professionals International Home Page
ITVA National Web Site
The International Interactive Communications Society
Welcome to ICIA
IAPP Home Page
CINDY Home Page
Welcome to CMMA
ISMP Homepage

marketing tips
Digital River Client Login Page
Verza -The Transaction Company
SAL- Office Software - Office Software - StarOffice
Q162102 - PPT_ Introduction to Macro Programming in PowerPoint 97 and 98
PowerPoint Downloads
Microsoft Office Update - The First PC Company Built for the Web.
WebPosition by FirstPlace Software
Office articles and sample applications
PowerPoint articles and sample applications
Word articles and sample applications
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft PowerPoint Tips
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Office Tips
Softlocx software and data protection for a global market
Integrate copy _ software protection and e-commerce
Topica, Free Email List Services
Welcome to Marketing Bulletin Board Online!
Complete List of Clubs and Associations
Visual Horizons
SCORE - Service Corps Of Retired Executives
Multilizer for Global Localization -- Download Center
AppLocalize HomePage
PowerPoint Template CD
NJSTAR Japanese Word Processor Download
Welcome to AsiaSoft
PSP - Language Solutions Group
Directory of _pub_nihongo
The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
Design_ Presentations - Desktop Publishing - Net Links
About Anti-Piracy Protection on Optical Media_ TTR Technologies Inc.
Web Hosting
__0ur search engine secrets for top positioning revealed!_
Top 10 Promotions
TAYMAR Plastic Brochure Holders
OZ AWARDS Top 100 Websites
Entrepreneur's Reference Guide
Marketing Online_ Discover how to promote any business, product, or service us
Construx Software Builders
Deja News
emmerce home
Internic Software Domain Name Registration Services
Iterated Systems
National Data Centre Inc. - Our Company
Welcome to the Designed for Microsoft Windows Logo Program
Become a Microsoft Windows Logo Partner
guaranteed top 30 positions in major engines, web site promotion by optimization, url submissio
SIC CodesStandard Industrial Classification Search



Yellow && White Pages

Four11 Directory Services
GTE SuperPages
Switchboard Home Page
The Phone Company (TPC.INT)
The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
Welcome to Bigfoot
Welcome to WhoWhere_!
WorldPages WorldPages
WorldPages_ Find the World Here!
Yellow Pages
Email Addresses and Reverse Lookup

TV Listings && Sites

ClickTV Listings
GIST TV Listings Guide
Suzanne's TV Page
The Chicago Tribune_ TV Week
UltimateTV -- Welcome!
Welcome to DiveIn's TVGrid.Com


Atlas of the World
CGRER NetSurfing_ Maps and References
Map It USA!
Mapblast! BlastOff
MapQuest! Welcome!
Maps On Us_ A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
Mercator's World_ Cybersites
UK Online _ UK Mapping
United States Maps and Atlases
US Gazetteer (Maps Galore)
Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!
Vicinity MapBlast! Map Launcher Page
Welcome to TerraServer


Barrington Area Library Homepage
Federal Depository Library Gateways
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page
Library Web Site
Public Libraries
The British Library
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library_ Electronic Journals
WWW Virtual Library


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
Department of Veterans Affairs
Digital Planet Welcome - IRS
NASA Homepage
Project Vote Smart
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Government World Wide Web Sites
United States Postal Service
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
Welcome To The White House

General Reference ability utility any question!
Kids Web - References
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk_ Calculators On-Line'
Research Bookmarks
Ask Jeeves
Directory of _pub
Directory of _pub_Gutenberg from Electric Library
FAQ Homepage
Lawyers Weekly_ Home Page
LookSmart - exploring World
Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
My Virtual Reference Desk - _HOT_ Web Sites
My Virtual Reference Desk - A One-Stop Site for All Things Internet
My Virtual Reference Desk - My Facts Page
Reference and Interdisciplinary Information
Reference Tools and Indexes
Reference.COM Search
THOR+_ The Virtual Reference Desk
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Airlines && Travel


Biztravel_ the Internet Company for Frequent Business Travelers
Gateway To The Reservation System
General Collections Homepage Travel
Preferred Travel Agency
SABRE Web Reservations Home
UNIGLOBE Travel Online
Welcome to Travelocity

Airline Home Pages

American Airlines Home Page
Continental Airlines -- Welcome to Continental Airlines
Delta SkyLinks Home Page
NWA WorldWeb Homepage
Southwest Airlines Home Gate
United Rising Home Page
US Airways

Excite Travel
Microsoft Expedia travel services
Travelocity air car hotel online reservations
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Ltd. - OFFICIAL WEB SITE -
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
Roget's Thesaurus
Webopedia home page
The Online Slang Dictionary - Volume 1 (A-E)
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Reference_ Best Source for Facts on the Net -
Find A Grave
The Really Big and Important Survey of Human Tendencies
Online dictionary & thesaurus web linking lookup reference tool.
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
The Word Detective
Word Wizard
Dave Wilton's Etymology Page
FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
The Internet Public Library
Ask an OCLS Librarian
No _ Fastest Online School Research
Aphorisms Galore!
Search Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm. Terms
UPS Home Page
AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
Welcome to FedEx - A Directory of the Web's Best Reference and Search Resources, from Art to Zoolog
Completely Useless, Yet Interesting, Facts Collection
Periodic Table - Chooser

News && Newspapers


Chicago - Quick Look
INTELLICAST_ chicago Radar
Purdue Weather Processor
The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel - Home Page

News Channels

ABC 7 Chicago Online
CNN Interactive
Welcome to NPR

Link Pages to Multiple Newspapers

Commercial News Services on the Internet
Home Town Newspaper Website Listings
NAA®_ Hotlinks to Newspapers Online
Online Newspapers - 1750 listings
Welcome to Newspapers Online!
Yahoo! - News and Media_Newspapers_Regional_U.S. States

The New York Times
- S o f t w a r e W a t c h -
AJR NewsLink
Chicago Tribune Silicon Prairie
CNN Interactive
Editor & Publisher Home Page
Internet Hourly News
Multi-State Lottery Home Page
News Index
NPR-- National Public Radio Online
The New York Times on the Web
Timecast_ Your RealMedia Guide
Welcome to NPR
Welcome to
Yahoo! - News and Media
Yahoo! News and Events

Link Web Pages

Aabra's Bookmarks
Awesome Lists (
Carolyn's InfoLinks Site
Chris Locke's Cool Sites
Cool Places
Cool Site Sites
Free For All Link Page
Hotsites Of The World
Information Servers (28-Feb-1996)
Intresting Web Sites
Jack's Bookmarks
Killer Links
LinkMonster Website Search and Announcement Directory
LookSmart - exploring LookSmart
PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites (A to Z)
Rich Cook's Bookmarks
Terry Crandall (202) 767-5201's Bookmarks
The Links Dictionary &Encyclopedia
The PeekABoo-TM Services, Information & Travel Directory
The WebFactor
Too Cool_Computers_
WEBster--The Cyberspace Surfer
Welcome to - 100% Fat-Free Web!
Yahoo! Internet Life_ Incredibly Useful Sites -- Reference
YPN_ Welcome to Your Personal Net!

Kids School Sites

Areas of Study from A to Z for College Students - Page 2
Intrnet Projects for Students K-12 - Interactive, Multimedia Classrooms
Kids -N- Teens Quest - COOL! for Ages 5 to 18
Links for Students - K-12
More SMART Projects
Some educational sites (rleggat)

Government Info

FedWorld Information Network Home Page
Senate Contact Info
The United Nations On-line
The White House
Top 10 Political Sites
U.S. Founding Documents
Instant Email to the President, your Senator or Congressman

Books && Magazines

Books and Book Stores - Book Search
Home Page
Library of Congress Home Page
Personal Bookshelf
Que's Digital Bookshelf - Computer Books Online
Random House, Inc._ Books@Random
Sams Publishing - Off the Shelf
The Booksmith, the internet's leading independent bookstore
The English Server
The On-Line Books Page
Amazon Books


AVATAR Magazine, February 1997
AVATAR Magazine, May 1997
BYTE Articles
BYTE Magazine
Computer Currents Interactive
Computer Magazines
eZines Database
PC Computing_ Home Page
PC Magazine Online
PC Week in Acrobat
PlugIn Datamation
Presentations Home Page
Reader's Digest Magazine
Reason magazine
Riding the Range - Newstand - Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, TV
September 95 First Impressions
Strange Magazine Web Site
THE WEB Magazine Online
Visual Basic Online Magazine
Web _ Magazines -
Welcome to MOJO Press
Welcome to OMNI
Welcome to PC Week Online
Welcome to Web Week - July 28, 1997
Welcome to Windows Sources
National Geographic
The New Republic Online Homepage

Randomness, New and Used College Textbooks
Paladin Press Survival Books
Prometheus Books
Drew's Script-O-Rama
O'Reilly Home Page
Tucows Internet Software
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Yahoo's 6,500 Quotes
NewsMax.com_ America's News Page
Curtis High School Gang Handbook
GOP and Jack Handey Quotes
Quotes on Leadership and Related Subjects
Xlibris - Where writers become authors.
Quatloos! -- Quatloos! Defined_ Farsical units of currency which poke f
eBLAST _ Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide
Address Directory - Politicians Of The World
USA TODAY Latest news
NewsPapers - Complete List - Protestr Main
Bloom's taxonomy on learning
Index of _Special_Samples_Reports_
Welcome to Consumer Reports® Online
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
The Real White Pages ONLINE(TM)
Newsweek.com_ Print Edition, U.S. Edition Service by Home Page - Sign Up Now! It's FREE!
In History
Historical Speeches
Scientist Network
Map Machine -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
The new Opt Out Form
Help! Channel Home Page
The Wire
The Internet Movie Database
Google! Chat Rooms
Excite People and Chat
City of Chicago Information
Talk USA - Index
The Federal Web Locator
Computer related Company home pages
Welcome to PC World Clicks! - Trip Planner - The First PC Company Built for the Web.
Computer Currents Interactive
_Bearable Times_ College Information
APARTMENTS BY RENT NET - NATIONAL APARTMENT RENTAL AND RELOCATION GUIDE - Online mortgage math loan finance scientific health & sports calculators
DiveIn Chicago
DiveIn National Home
Free IQ Test - The BrainTainment Center
Geek Site of the Day
Hot Sites Archive
it policy onramp
Kelley Blue Book New Car Pricing and Bluebook Values
Mars Surveyor'98 Participation Certificate
NTG International Inc - NTG Cyber Mall - Computers and Network
PCL Map Collection
Perry's FTP-List page
Photography @
Reverse Lookup - InfoSpace
RTFM site
Sign Me Up!
The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products_ ComputerESP
The Bhagvad Gita
The Daily Watch Home Page
TheTrip.com_ theFLIGHT
Web Interface to Whois
WebMuseum_ Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
Welcome at Claude MONET's
Welcome to Computer Shopper NetBuyer
What is E-Conference_
Xpeditions @
THE WIZARD'S DEN-Directory of Little Known Information
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk_ Computers_Internet'
ECOM Reference Desk - Electronic Commerce Online News and Journals
AnyWho_ Reverse Telephone Number Search - Find Person or Business using Telephone Number
Roll Call Online
Y-Life_ URL's Appearing in this Issue
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics!
Bartlett's Quotations
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Lippincott Buys Fine Diamonds, Watches, Sterling & Much More for CASH!
Common Internet And E-mail Hoaxes
Symantec Security Response - Hoax Page
Symantec Security Virus and Hoax
Citizens Against Government Waste

Fun and Family Stuff

Graphics, Gifs

Animation Factory - Free Animated Gifs and 3D Clipart
The Animated Gif Artists Guild
AVI - MOV - MPEG Animations

Wierd Stuff

Wierd Science

antigravity, contragravity, counterbary, tampere, finland, biefeild, brown, superconductor
Surfing The Apocalypse
PAUL'S PARANORMAL PAGE, The Dulce Book by Branton
Dark Star Theory Anomalies_and_Alternative_Science guide_ Science -> Anomalies and Alternative
AUM~Sparky's Astounding Ancients ~ Wonderful Articles & Profound Images!
Weird Science_ Report your unusual phenomena
Blowyourmind, the news digest for science, medicine and technology
Shady Pines - Voice of Dissent - Investigating Strange Phenomena
Taos Hum Page
The Anomalist
The David Hamel connection
Welcome to the STARCHILD PROJECT Data Site
The Unexplained Universe
Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
The Talk.Origins Archive_ Home Page
Menu_ The Coming Earth Changes Updates
AR1 Anti-Gravity In Your Future_
Creation _Science_ Debunked
ParaScope_ Something Strange Is Happening
The Talk.Origins Archive
Welcome to the Communion Homepage

Web Camera Sites

! ! ! WEB CAMS ! ! !
ConnecTV Live Online Camera Archive. Hundreds of webcams featuring live images from all around
Cool Web Camera Sites
http___www.tableau.com_pull5b.html WebCam Theater (Live Cams!)
Live Views+
Looking for a webcam_ Come to, the Digital Camera Network.
Paul's Page
The MATRIX Web Camera
The Web Camera Page
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide _ Indoor_Office_Interactive
Web Cams - Leonard's Cam World - Web Cams
WorldCam CamCorner

UFO Stuff

Anomalous Images and UFO Files
Artificial structure's on Mars and ufo paranormal links
Anfy Team Home Page - Society_Paranormal_UFOs_Conspiracies
Alien Artifacts
Egypt Atlantis Archaeology Great Pyramids UFOs
Joes UFO and Alien Space Mysteries ufo u.f.o. ufo news ufo
Index of _~swingate_text
Index of _ufo_
The S4 Database

Sovernty _ Anarchy

Terrorist Handbook__

Terrorist's book(english version)
The Terrorist's Handbook
No Title
Nifty things that go.....

Making of America
The Privacy Pages
2600_ The Hacker Quarterly
Paul Revere News
Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists and Gun
Survivalist's (self-sufficiency) Web Pages
A Patriot's WWW Research Base
ACI War and Emergency Powers Page (Not!)
Anarchist's Handbook
Anarchy for Anybody
Anarchy N Explosives
Cato Handbook for Congress_ The Expanding Federal Police Power
ChAoS HOMEPAGE - DJ Houser Online !
Chapter 2 - The Hoax of Democracy
Chewy's Links to Anarchy
Citizens for Liberty
Constitutional Issues, War and Emergency Powers, Central
Declaration of the Establishment of Constitutional Government in the Nation
First Amendment a Felony_
Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners
Gun Report, Cult of Terror - The New American - Volume 12, Number 23
Hearings on Wiretapping and other Terrorism Proposals
National Common Law Grand Jury - War and Emergency Powers
Nifty things that go.....
Patrick Henry On-Line
Resolutions Calling for end to war and emergency powers
Senate Judiciary Report on the Constitution_1982 RKBA
Terrorists and the guys who kill them.
The Anarchist Cookbook, The Index
The Non-Existant 14th Amendment
THE Official H.A.V.O.C. home page disclaimer
The Resister Issue 4
The Spotlight
underground online_ table of contents
United States Of America
Various Top Secret Documents
War & Emergency Powers Report
War And Emergency Powers
WAR AND EMERGENCY POWERS_ A Special Report on the

Phreaking _ Hacking

Alan's Warez
Crackz Search
Dragon Technologies
Filez - Search 75M files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software
hacking and cracking links page
jump page bphiles1.htm
KwAnTAM_PoZeEtroN's Hacking Philez
Misc.Hacking Filez
Mr Stanley's Warez
Other Cool Links
The Acid Dragons Dungeon of Hacking - A Source for Hacking Phreaking Warez Virii Anarchy and ot
The Anarchist Cookbook IV, ver 4.14
The Complete Lizard King Collection of Hacker Sites
The ToneZ
The ULTiMATE Hacking_Phreaking Page
The Unconcious Awake
The World's Greatest Hacking Links
WaReZ FLuX --- FaKe eM-aiLeRs
WaReZ FLuX --- VIRUS!!!
WaRez List Regulary updated
Where's the Warez___


A.R.E. Inc.
Edgar Cayce Resource Center
Edgar Cayce's Afterlife Revelations (near death experience near-death experiences nde heaven he
Mistakes Of Jesus
The Edgar Cayce Readings-Continent and Culture of Atlantis
UFO's and the ParaNormal

Creation - Evolution

Origin of Life
Browse the Talk.Origins Archive
Institute for Creation Research


The Black Vault - Home
Aliens, Conspiracies, UFO's, Area 51
WINDS - World Internet News for Conspiracies
60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time _ Archive
Conspiracies & Coverups Sector
Conspiracies and Extremism - Welcome from The Mining Company
Conspiracy _
Conspiracy Nation 1996 _ Welcome Home!
Cover up! TWA 800 _ Oklahoma City Bombing _ Rabin Assassination
Get the Real Story from the Left Side of the Web!
Guide to Lock Picking
Jeff Koftinoff's Canadian Conspiracy Pages - Arranged by subject
military secrecy
Oklahoma City Bombing Internet Activity II
Plane crashes that interconnected to each other... TWA 800, twa 800, Twa 800, Lockerbee 103 and
Skeptical Information
Skolnick Archives
SpeedKüngen's H_P_A phun
The Lone Gunman's Files Page. Copyright© 1997 - Joseph L. Hodge
TWA Flight 800
TWA Flight 800 Disaster Cover-up
UFO's, Political Scams, & Conspiracies Guestbook
War & Emergency Powers Report
It's a conspiracy! - The Skeptic Tank


Atheist Express
NEWS by thread

Anti Bush Gov

The Truth is Coming Our Despite All Denials big Brother Files #20 News archive
The FEMA Gulag
The New World Order by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D
Media Cover-Up, News
Criminal Negligence or Treason
George Bush The Unauthorized Biography - Part 7 of 8
FEMA Executive Orders Concentration Camps Property Confiscation - history of FEMA
Alex Constantine's Political Conspiracy Research Bin
Unauthorized Biography of George Bush - David Icke E~Magazine
CRG -- Cover-up or Complicity of the Bush Administration The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence Agency (ISI) in the Sept
Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K anti political action liberties peace activist
September 11, 2001 atrocity! Who profits from the crime
Alternative and Independent News Source on New Media and ICT - Investigation about Sept.11 Twin Tower Attack in New York City -
DUBYA - From Oil to Baseball to the Governor's Mansion [Free Republic]
Bush and Cheny in intimate business contact with the real prime suspects of the WTC-Pentagon crashbombing frame-up
Bush Family War Crimes
Gaping Holes in the 'Washington Hates bin Laden' Story
The Connection among Bush and Bin Laden Family
Bush Told FBI To 'Back Off' Investigating bin Laden Family - BBC
GET 113 To 138 MPG.
Dumbya Nobody's President!
Bush Body Count
Bush Watch - George Bush is the most pathetic president in U.S. history.
Citizens for Legitimate Government, calls to action
d i s i n f o r m a t i o n
Stop the Bush Presidency! Coke, DWI, AWOL, NRA, Bushisms, Election Theft

Body Mind And Modem_ Body_Mind Games
The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch
The Great Nazca Line Drawings
Theories about ancient times
PJ's Comix
The American Information Network - Your missing persons online private investigator using publi
Rogue Warrior II - Red Cell
The Rogue Warrior
SPOTLIGHT News April 2000
Public Records from -- public records NOW!
People Finders
The Integrity Center Inc. -- Employment Screening Services ---
Isaac Bonewits' Homepage
The Bhagvad Gita
Alt.War.Nuclear Newsgroup_ Antimatter Weapons
a staple
FREE! The Freedom Forum Online. News about free press, free speech, free spirit and journalism
Body Mind And Modem_ Cool Ki Tricks
News Of Great Interest Page XV
Dark Side of the Net Home Page
Information Warfare
Skeleton Closet_ All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates_ Clinton, D
Skeptics Society
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The Anomalist Site
The Avenger's Front Page
The Easter Egg Archive
The Easter Egg Archive - The Most Software Easter Eggs Anywhere
The Home Of The Celebrity Dead Pool
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage
The Tasteless Gateway
Underground Guide Series
Weird, Wacky, Strange, and Bizarre Places
Final book of Daniel; true account of a reincarnated, angelified biblical prophet.
fringe links
Welcome to CRACKS.AM software security site!
Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
NDERF Home Page
IANDS - Near-Death Experiences Home Page

Trivia Sites

News of the Weird
The Straight Dope_ Home Page
Wonderful World of Wombats_ the unofficial Stumpers-L page
U S E L E S S K N O W L E D G _ Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes
Treebeard's Stumpers
DeskRef_ Quick Reference Links_ FAQs_Stumpers -- Little Known Facts and Secrets To Good Living!
Previous WWWoWWWWs from the beeHive
The Archive of Fun Facts_ Archive #1
The Useless Facts Page
Trivial Triva
Useless Fact of the Day
Question Of the Day
Strange But True!
Dr Brainz Lab of Knowledge
U S E L E S S K N O W L E D G - Trivia, Quotes, Imponderables - Useless Knowledge
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Truth is stranger than fiction
Useless Trivia
Weird News

Shopping && E-Malls

Computer MailOrder Sites

Live Daily Auctions by Surplus Auction - The Premier Auction Site for Affordable Previous-Versi
Welcome to Surplus Direct - The Premier Source for Affordable Previous-Version Hardware, Softwa
Welcome to Surplus Direct - Your Source for Low Cost Hardware and Software
ShoppingSpot - The shopping information sweetspot of the Web.
Welcome to DAMARK International, Inc. - The Great Deal Company!
Classifieds 2000
Virtual Vineyards
Welcome to
mySimon inc. - Simon's Search & Compare Shopping
A Winestore on the Internet Wine Shop
Mall Entrance
Andy's Garage Sale - New Stuff, Dirt Cheap!
Bargain Finder agent prototype
BizWeb Category - Marketplace
Click Now! - Shopping
eBay Auction Classifieds
Grooves's On-Line Shopping Page
Internet Shopping Hotspots
Jango Home
Shopping Internet Style
Shopping Links
Shopping the WWW
Virtual Emporium - Online Shopping

Shareware Files


Wave Themes Home Page

Screen Saver Sites

NTheZoan's Microsoft Plus! Themes - Alphabetical Index of free screen savers ( Downloads and Screenshots )
Screen Savers A2Z
Lockergnome's Free Windows 95_98_NT eZine
Windows3x screen savers
Screen Savers
© Anancyweb software screen savers links, download sites, screensaver pages
WinSite_ Screen Savers
Screen Saver Heaven, #1 Source for Screen Savers on the Internet
Screen Savers Bonanza , 700 + Screen Savers
Screen Savers, 3D and Fx Software on Shareware Daddy
SoftSeek - ScreenSavers and ScreenSaver Software, Screen Savers
Windows 95 - Theme Collection

Programmers Stuff

Software Archives
The CAVERN'S Windows 95 Page
Today's Cool Tool September 24, 1997

Professionally Supported Sites

1001 Downloads - Main Page
Dave Central Software Archive
Welcome to TUCOWS
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Inte
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware

Link Pages


General Sites

AAA Site for Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Software! Search 60 million freeware, shareware
Aquila Internet Services
List archives at PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM
Shareware Directory - Main Shareware Page @ Shareware Directory
The WinSite(tm) Archive
WebSideStory's World 1000
Welcome To Cool Tool of the Day
Welcome to
Welcome to The source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software.
World's Best Shareware Site

Game Oriented

Links To Downloadable Games From Both Developers & Private Sites
Shareware Shareware Zone, Galt Shareware Zone, hottest downloads, reviews, free newsletter -- s
SPAG Game Reviews A-G
The Adrenaline Vault - PC Release List!

Netscape Products_ Netscape Products
Welcome to WINAMP.COM _ Winamp Locker
Freeware -
Lexical FreeNet
ZDNet Software Library - Free Exclusives
BESTZIPS Archive Program Categories
Channel 1 File Library -- _Best Shareware in the USA!_ since 1986
Desktop Heaven - Welcome Page
Downloadable Shareware, Freeware, Beta Software, Games, Plug-ins & Much More! - 1SmartSite.
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial Demos
File World
Filez - Search 75M files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software
Frank Condron's World O'Windows - Main Page
Imagicom Component Resource
JUMBO! The Download Network
Miscellaneous Utilities
PC World Online_ FileWorld
Rocket Download Launch Pad Frame
Screen Savers Bonanza, 100's of screensavers
ScreenThemes Wallpaper Shareware Hardware Drivers
SharewareDaddy, the King of Shareware and Freeware
SOFTSEEK.COM - ClickSave _ DeskLaunch Tray Suite by Mike Bradley
SOFTSEEK.COM - Welcome to the source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software.
The Shareware Stockpile(TM) Home Page
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive!
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Inter
Windows Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files
Download Warehouse Software Store
Virtual Free Software E-M -- Plus... 3,000 of the Best Free Offers on the Internet
Software E - M
Directory of _softlib_mslfiles
Free Windows 95 programs #2
Free Windows Programs #3
Free Windows Programs #2
Preston's Picks for February
ZDNet Software Library - Browse_Search Results
[DaveCentral] - welcome to DaveCentral, Software Archive


The Weekly Puzzler_ Show 199919
IQ tests and related material
___ The Island Puzzle Club! ___
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Introducing Word Games
Macalester College Problems of the Week
Marilyn is Wrong
Mensa International
Mensa Puzzles
Puzzle Archives
Puzzles and paradoxes
Riddler Version 3.0
The Case_ The fun and challenging mystery website
The Riven Journals - Welcome
Xah_ Great Math Programs


FAMSF-Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
MoMA _ The Museum of Modern Art
Paris Pages Musee du Louvre
The Internet Public Library
WebMuseum_ Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)


My Boot_ movie theater
Goin' To The Show With A Regular Guy
Internet Movie Database
Microsoft® Cinemania® Current Films
Movie Bloopers - from E! Online
MovieLink _ Search By Theater
Reel _ Movie Match
Reel, The Planet's Biggest Movie Store
Star Links
The Internet Movie Database. A database of more than 140,000 movies
The Movie Cliches List
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Entertainment - Media Guide


At find the perfect paper greeting cards
EStamp-Homepage Internet Postage. Print Postage Using Your Printer and the Internet
253 - interactive novel home
3D Optical Illusions -- Hidden Image -- Magic Eye Stereo Optical Illusions
Ameritech Cellular & Paging _ ClearPath
Animated Musical Greeting Card Store @
AudioNet_ The Broadcast Network on the Internet
AutoWeb Interactive(tm) - Your car, right now!
BETA Galore - The Home of Beta Testers on the Internet! - The New Electronic Marketplace
Chicago events
Cosmo Software
Dates and Destinations - Index
Desktop Themes Unleashed - updated daily ... best viewed in 800x600 Hi Color
Dirty Sole Society Home Page
Free Stuff
ichat Download - the ichat Pager
ichat, inc. Home Page
Illinois Department State Lottery Home Page Little Lotto Pick 3 4 Big Game
IllusionWorks Home Page
Lounge Ax
NetAddress_ Signup
PlanetAll - Stay in Touch!
RealVideo Showcase
The Electric Postcard
Digital Postcards
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favourite song lyrics!
washingtonpost.com_ Style Live_ Crossword Puzzles
Web Pages That Suck -- Stupid Cliched First Page
Welcome to BetaNet
Welcome to RealMedia !
What time is it_
WSYW FM 107.1
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

Math && Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online
Solar System Simulator
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Delphion Intellectual Property Network
Ask Dr. Universe
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy_ The Home Page
Directory of the Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Operational Significant Event Imagery
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
Eli's Math and Logic Puzzles and Interesting Finds
Tierra home page
Discovery Online
Links to Pi Pages
Mars Pathfinder Mission
NGS - National Geographic Online
Physics 2000
Pitsco's Ask an Expert_ Science_Technology
Scientific American
Space Movie Archive - Space
The NASA Homepage
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The Why Files
Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction
Welcome to
Welcome to _ The What's New Website
National Science Foundation e-Print archive

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Aikido Today Magazine
American Martial Arts Supply
Black Belt Magazine
Dragon Martial Arts, Inc.-Security Products and Sporting Goods
General Martial Arts
Index of _hypertext_faq_usenet_martial-arts_faq_
Martial Arts Gear Home Page
Martial Arts Pages
Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness
SCARS Institute
Welcome to the CyberDojo !
Welcome to the T'AI CHI Magazine and Wayfarer Publications


_simply_ Magic Home Page
Sasco's Home Page
International Brotherhood of Magicians Home Page
JohnHenry's World of Magic - Boston Massachusetts entertainment fun for all ages magic magician
Bradbury Books and Beyond
The Trickery Magic Shop...Magic Tricks & Fine Magical Apparatus for the Beginner to the Pro!
Meir Yedid Magic
The Magic Warehouse - magic tricks from the discount magic shop
I.C.O.M Entrance Page
Magic Times - A Daily Magic News Magazine
Welcome to the house of enchantment
Catalog Links
Discount Magic Tricks and Pranks Store!
Magic & More - Tricks, Cards, Coins, Close-up, Magicians, Videos, Clown, Rope, Stage
The Magic Corner -- Magic, Clowning, Juggling, Costumes, and more!
Mark S. Farrar's List of Magic Dealers
Ultimate Magic - Magic dealers and shopping for magic tricks, magic books, and video
A Tricky Business, LLC
Mecca Magic Online
GeMiNi_ Greater Magic Network Bulletin Board System
Welcome to Mamma Mia Magic
Magic and Illusion - Home Page
LaRocks Fun & Magic Homepage
Welcome To Murphy's Magic Supplies
Greco & Michel Magic Prods. S.R.L.
Mario Carrandi Magic Co. Inc. Specializing in Antiquarian and vintage magic apparatus memorabia
Home Page
Genii, The Conjurors_ Magazine
Magic Books By Post
H & R Magic Books
A-1 MagicalMedia - Excellence in Magic
Viking Magic Manufacturing _ Collectors Workshop - Welcome!
Untitled Document
Kevin James' Imagination Unlimited
Murphys Magic Supplies Home Page
The World Alliance of Magicians Home Page
Welcome to Ring 2100
magic tricks clown supplies magic dealers magic supplies gags
T. Myers Magic, Inc.
Chazpro Home Page
Ring 47 Wizard's of Wichita Home Page
Collectors Workshop
Welcome to Magic Stars
Klamm Magic_ Magic Supplier To The Stars! - Homesite of El Duco's Magic
Brad Burt's Magic Shop!
Hampton Ridge Home Page
EZ Magic Home Page
Welcome to Elmwood Magic Online!
Magic Tricks, Magicians Supplies, Videos,Books,Illusions,Clown Props, Juggling Supplies,Ventril
_UltraSmoke 2000_
An Assortment of Amazing and Awesome Magic. BEST on the Web. Tricks, magic illusions, Magic Boo
Hank Lee's Magic Factory
Welcome to Diamond's Magic Online Store
Bob James Magic Shop
Brian Richards Magic & Comedy
IBM Main Page
Inferno Magic Home Page
Nerd World _ MAGIC
The Society of American Magicians
The SYZYGY Products Page
Welcome to Guy Bavli's World of Mindbending Magic


American Slanguages
The Compiled Joke List
New Deep Thoughts page
Darwin - Survival of the Fittest
Dumb Crooks
Bartender_ Bulletin Boards_ Jokes
CLUMSY CROOKS - Amazingly Funny Real-Life Crime Headlines
JOKES; On the Net 2000 Joke Sites!
The Brunching Shuttlecocks _ Ratings
And Now For Something Stupid
ARCHEUS_ Employment Interview Horrors!
Darwin Awards Official Home Page
The BIG BIG Joke book!
EAW Fun Page
Better Jokes! At Sense of Humor!
The Laugh Page
GreenHouse Humor Page
College Humor Magazines Homepage
Weird humor links
Erik Montgomery - The Funny Papers
Star Wars parody_ Welcome to the Site Gag
Page o' Spoofs
Vanity License Plates
Humor Links On the Web
Funny Files Compendium
Gary's List of Humorous Links
Heartless Bitches International - _Deal With It!_
Heller's Jokes Database
Hundreds of Jokes
Instrument Jokes
MAD TV_ The Best of MAD TV!
Matt Hotujec's Funny Stuff
Morning Coffee
My _Humor_ E-Mail Page!
No Internet Exploder!
Oracle Service Humor Archives
Productivity of the Net...
Recent Dilbert ® Strips
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots
TechHell....Hey are you looking at me_
The Biggest List of HUMOR SITES On the Web
The Comic Strip ®
The DaEmOnIc FuNnIeS Page
The Darwin Awards
The Flummery Digest
The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer
the ONION, Number One In News
When Winners Work For Losers
Working Assets Library-Durst Archives
Despair, Inc.
!!! Jokes 'n Fun !!!
Huge Jokes collection, links, etc. Hypocrisy, Daily & Weird News, Dumb Quotes, Jokes, Funny Pics, pictures, pix,wa
GaBooH! Video Clips
VideoFreak's Way Cool Web Video Links
AllSearchEngines avi and mpg movies, wav and mp3 sounds Weird Pictures, Wacky Pictures, Funny Pictures!
Saturday Night Live Transcripts
Pizza Management - Fortunes
7000+ jokes
Bad Humor - Funny Files ---Funny Pictures---
HumorBomb Top

Health Stuff

Cayenne Sam Biser_ Curing with Cayenne - The Untold Story
Herbal Medicinals by Southern Botanicals
Royal BodyCare
The Happy Herbalist
Kombucha Tea and Individual Healing
Kombucha Home Page
Be Healthy with Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Stress Management, Skin Care & Weight Man
Colloidal Silver - A Natural Antibiotic
Goodpills - DHEA & Pycnogenols Health Care
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A_ Reduce Blood Pressure with a Plate of Potassium_
a l t e r n a t i v e . m e d i c i n e . o n l i n e
HealthMatters_ Forum for Self-Management of Health
The Wellness Web
Online articles by Michael Tierra & others
Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness
Calm Spirit Magazine Online
Page Title
Holistic Medicine Web Page
MEDITOPIA - The World's #1 Oriental Medicine Web Site
Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center - Oxygen & Ozone Therapies
Results Only, Inc. Presents - Folklore HerbVision, free herb applications chart

Graphics - Movies && Pictures

MediaBuilder - Image Editors
Mike Shaikun's Animated Gif Collection
Mike's List - MPG, MOV, AVI files
The Movie Sounds Page
Internet Graphics Finder - SkibbySoft - Free Art Pictures Images Paintings Museums Galleries Photos Photographs Oil Waterc
The official Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell website
Windows Graphics & Sound
3000 Astronomy Movies
IFILM - The Internet Movie Guide


Action at the Games Mecca
Apogee _ 3D Realms Site
Arcade Games
Cheat Zone Games - Games Games Download Page
Download 3D_Shooter Doom Style Games @ Download.Net.
Download Games
Eric's Quake Add-ons Download Page
Game Download Galore @ Cable's Web Page, 35+ Game Demo Downloads Available!!
GamePen PC Hot 125 List
Games Domain - Games Games Games Games
Games Games Game Game Happy Puppy's Front Page
Gamesmania Main Page
GameSpot - downloads by title
GameSpot's Daily Demos Page
index.html YOU DON'T KNOW JACK the netshow
Lord Soth's Games on the Internet - Windows 3.1 Games
Meat Puppet Main
Mr. Wolf's Quake Den
P L A N E T - Q U A K E, It's the big one!
PC Game Finder
PC Game House
Quakeworld - Files
QuakeX - Threewave
Starbase Triton_ Game Demos
STARBASE TRITON_ Official Games Pages
The Gamers Choice
The Newest Games in the Universe
The Spoiler Centre
Welcome To My Game...
Welcome to PCGAME.COM


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1500+ Screensavers - page 1
Free Screen Savers at Freeware Home
Free Screen Savers at Freeware Home (by subject)
Hotlinks, Bookmarks and Other Related Sites
Screen Saver Central
Spanky Whats-new
The Screen Saver download pages [Page M]

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ABCNEWS_ Veal Carbonnade with Alfredo Style Pasta
Food Network Home Page
Star Chefs _ Recipes of Chefs and Recipes by Cookbook Authors
Welcome to Mama's House
Digital Chef
Food & Wine Online
Morten's Recipe Collection
Recipe Categories
Serious Books for Serious Cooks
Sun-Sentinel Food
The Chef's Store - Featuring professional cookware, kitchenware, utensils, equipment, food prod
The Internet Chef On-Line Magazine
Welcome To FoodNet!
Wine Spectator On-Line
Album of Meal-Master Recipes
Just Chocolate Recipes - Brownies Recipes
iChef Recipe Archive - Recipes Browse Categories
Recipezaar - a recipe food cooking & nutritional info site - Recipezaar
RecipeSource Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
Recipes - Mega-Zine - 45,000+ recipes in the archive for food and cooking pleasure
Now You're Cooking! Recipe Software
Food Network's FoodTV.Com_ Gateway to Recipes, Entertaining, Chefs, Cooking, Television
Wolfgang Puck - Home
Food Network's FoodTV.Com Gateway to Recipes, Entertaining, Chefs, Cooking, Television
Drinks Whole List
Z recipes online from CDKitchen
Index of -mmrecipes
TSO Recipe Exchange - 1996
Add Your Food URL
Top Secret Recipes - Current Recipes
Weight Watchers Recipe site
Home Cooking - Food information, history, and recipes for the home cook.
WIERD and different recipes
100,000+ recipes, a software, games, quiz, poll
280,000+ Free Recipes Cookie-Recipes-01
Dining Out Guide with Weight Watcher Points, eat right & lose weight!
Italian Cooking & Living Italian Recipe Archive
FDL - Stories - Fish and Seafood Recipes Sea Bass
All Recipes Recipes
Recipes Archive - 280,000+ Free Recipes
Recipe Advanced Search
Meals For You
Recipegoldmine - ultimate resource for cooking, crafts and more
Cafe Creosote - your cooking super site!
Just Crockpot Recipes - 4,281 Recipes for your Crock Pot - Slow Cooker. The 54 indexes are easy and simple; every recipe has a
Just Recipes
Recipes For All Tastes
Recipe Archives Index
Watch Your Fat Intake
Fast Food Guide
Mark's Restaurant Recipe eBook
Open Directory - Home Cooking - Home
280,000+ Free Recipes Appetizer-Recipes-00
Emma's recipepage
International Recipes OnLine Home Page 's Hot and Spicy Recipe Pages. With over a Thousand Chile Pepper Related Recipes; Resources for finding Hot Sauc

Artificial Intellegence

The Media Laboratory
NetSage_ The Social Intelligence Company
Artificial Life, Inc. - Intro Page
Neuromedia, Inc. _ Virtual Representative Servers and Tools
The A. L. I. C. E. Nexus
Big Science Company

Ad Spoofs

Dumbentia - The Parody Place!
Decline of Civilization Spoof Ads
Adbusters Spoof Ad Gallery
lucifer Designs
Media Page
HUMOUR.COM - Wacky, Weird and Wonderful
_ a d l a n d ' s _ d e b a t e _
EMB_ Adbusters
Weirdo Links
The Summit_ Links
The Spoof Ad Gallery

IncrediMail - Home _Email like in the movies
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Easter Eggs _ Movies _ Films _ Doctor Doolittle _ A Tribute To The Original...
Humor! Humor! Archives - Humor Two-Bear - Chimpionship Humor -
Citibank Account Online - Sign On - Learn how Everything Works! -- Welcome to! - Your free, private family website. It's quick, easy and free.
JOKES at - start - 1 to 10
Gagler's Mailing Lists & Archives -
Weird Links is a Bizarre Index of Weird Web Sites
Cartoons _ page 1
Jokes people send YOU
Digital Laughter - funny pictures images avi videos downloads exe sounds mp3 jokes
COMPUTERJOCK.COM - Your one stop source for funny avi's and mpegs!
BBC Online - So - Weird - Weird Century
Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests - Delta Airlines Commerical
Katie's Sonograms Scan 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4d
NewsMax.com_ America's News Page - Unlimited Internet Access $9.90 per month - Web Hosting - Streaming Audio and Vi
SnagIt Windows Screen Capture Shareware_ Registration
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards - Your Portal To Stupidity
ZDNet EZ Disc
Secret Presentation Skills Revealed!
Pulpless.Com, Inc. Central Vortex
Sampler_ SELF CONTROL Not Gun Control
Michelle's Whales & Tales_ Fun Links!
Other Special Deals
Martial Arts quotes
Ordering Options 'The Remote Control of the Web'
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
Support Files at Rocket Download
Welcome To - The Quicker Way To Locate Software To Download
eCircles_ Your Free Online Place to Keep in Touch With Friends and Family
Vbox Builder_  Deliver your Complete Product Experience to Prospects' Desktops
PoliticalTexan.Com ... devoted to the discussion, development, and dissemination of political i
Enter your login and password_
RGT Links
Alex Jones Presents Infowars
Welcome to!
Personal - Home America's News Page
Metromix A Chicago entertainment and restaurant guide
Metra Schedule Center
Metra-UP Northwest Home
High School Alumni- A Web Site For Alumni of US High Schools
X_drive - Register for your FREE Hard Drive!
Welcome to Elmwood Magic Online!
Welcome to eHow
Evite.com_ The Fun, Free, Online Invitation Service for Activities, Parties and Events!
GuruNet - The Computer Help Portal
American Computer_ PCs, Servers and Notebooks
45 meg free home page
Index page of The Chess Variant Pages
Home page of The Chess Variant Pages
Yahoo Internet Life - Pretty Strange Sites
Word F u g i t i v e s
Molecular Expressions_ The Silicon Zoo
World Wide Words Home Page Shopping_ PC and MAC Software at the Lowest Prices
SiliconValley.com_ Welcome
FasTV.com_ Searchable Video on the Web
Welcome to
-o0 Daily Updated MP3 Software 0o-
tricks&tips - new and used car pricing, reviews and buying information
Untitled Document
Ronald Hoeflin's Mega Test
Reference Page
The Canadian School Math Page
Previous Pams Puzzles
The Coming Anarchy - 94.02
weird but true
500 Burmuda Triangle Links
Interesting Math Problems
try mathmagic
Alice in Wonderland Problems
Geometry Problem of the Week Archive
martial law
curtain of secrecy
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
TJ's Best of Hacks, Cracks, Serials and Best File Downloads
Seriell Numbers
Celeste's SerialZ page
Welcome to my page of warez serialz
Serial Numbers Main Page
Download Software [Shareware_Freeware]
January 1996 Highlights
The ULTIMATE WAREZ page ! NO bullshit ! ALL the new stuff It...
Story_ Emergency Storm Guide_ Safest Places to Track Weather Online
Bell Labs Text-to-Speech
What does your phone number spell_
Anagram Generator
3D ImageCube Home Page 2.0
BUY.COM   The Internet Superstore
Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
Arriba Vista - The Image Searcher
CyberSlacker Homepage
College Is Possible_ American Council on Education
E-greetings Digital Postcards and Animations-The Electronic Alternative to Greeting Cards!
Free URL Redirection by V3 Redirect Services - Free URL Redirect Services - Ultimate MP3 Resource
MP3.com_ Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, News
WINDS - World Internet News for Conspiracies
Windows Magazine_ PC Tips, News & Reviews
Welcome to, Your solution to finding the software you need.
The Skeptic's Dictionary Home Page
PC World Online_ FileWorld_ GIF Construction Set
Paul Hsieh's Microsoft Watch page
32BIT Software Archive - Download Shareware, Freeware Programs for Windows
Entertainment Earth - Thank You!
A Theory of Everything_ Virtual Chaos - Welcome
eBLAST _ Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide
Intel Museum - Welcome to the Intel Museum
Isaac Bonewits' Homepage
Photography @
Sometimes the music world can be a complIcated puzzle
Televisión en directo
The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo) - the definitive directory of Computer and <P>
TV Guide On-line
The Free Site is the best place to find freebies, free stuff, samples
Digital Blasphemy -- Free 3D Wallpaper for Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Linux, and all hi resoluti
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Very Cool Links
Welcome at Claude MONET's
Worlds Inc. Home Page
ZDNet Software Library - Free Exclusives
Stand-Up Comedy FAQ - Faq.txt [01_01]
Koala's List of Lyrical Links
Commodity Futures Brokers Directory -- Commodities
Wave Events - WAV files and Wave Event Software for Windows - Wav File Menu
Welcome to - Hilarious Practical Jokes, Gags and Pranks!
Event planning and organization simplified.
Real time stock quotes

Engines - The smartest way to see the web!
Suggest a Site to Yahoo!
Add Your Site to Lycos
Register Your URL with Northern Light
A1 Best list of places to submit your URL
Deja News
StockMaster Top Stocks_ Most Requested
Add Me!
Add to Business Seek
Excite Add URL
Galaxy Annotations
HotBot _ Add URL
Infoseek_ Add URL
LinkStar - Add your FREE e-Card listing
LinkStar's Top Web Sites List
WebCrawler Help_ Add URL
Google Search email business directory

Career Sites


Operation IT Seeker Registration
i-Street Dot.Bomb Resume Board
6FigureJobs - the network for preferred career opportunities
ChiefMonster Home - Work. Life. Possibilities. job search engine for full-time & contract computer consulting and programming emp
Selection Strategies, Inc. - The Premier Resource for Information Technology Sales Recruiting
Resume Posting by Executive Resume Pro!
Entire List of Employment Resources on the Internet
Welcome To DBM


Exec-U-Net - Executive Jobs, Career Management, Salary Surveys, Recruiting, Search
America's Preferred Jobs - Job Bank, Free Job Posting, 45+ Job Categories, IT-Sales-Management
$100K+ Careers Resume Writing - Help with resumes for executive job seekers
CareerWeb, jobs, careers, resumes, computers, engineering, resume database, jobs database, book
Management Recruiters of Denver-Downtown - job and career search firm
Mapping Your Future
NAPS Search Page
Resumail Network Home
Sales Executives, Inc. Homepage
Welcome to E.span
Welcome to The Monster Board


DICE job search engine for full-time, permanent & contract computer consulting and programm
The ComputerJobs Store, Inc. <Chicago>

The JobForce Network - Employment Services
Management Jobs_ Home for Executive and Professional Career Advancement
Business and Company Information
Atlantic Research Technologies_ Executive Search, Recruiters, Headhunters, Jobs, Careers, Emplo
Computer Jobs ... The Job Beat
Business_ Jobs_ Executive Search
ExecuNet - 1 Minute To Membership
Chicago Computer Guide - Computer Jobs in Chicagoland
Job Seeker Login
AltaVista Careers - Home - The IT Career Network - Job Search, Job Posting, Resume, and Career Fair Portal; High Tech Employment O Job Seeker Homepage
Vault Job Search
Welcome to - The LARGEST Job Search Portal In The World!
CareerBuilder -- Jobs from 75+ career sites.
CorporateInformation - Chicago Computer Jobs
Top Echelon Network - The world's most successful placement network. - E-Mail your Resume and Cover Letter to 1000's of Recruiters and Headhunters - Freelance, Contract, Consulting, or Independent Professionals
DynaStaff Home Page
Welcome to Technical Resources, Inc.
Professional Search Centre, Ltd., placing Chicago's IT talent in Chicago.
Advanced Personnel Inc - Chicagoland's Finest Office Support Jobs
Pro-Tech Search, Inc.
Welcome to CSI
HKA Staffing Services
Welcome to The Esquire Staffing Group, Ltd.
Executive Directions Inc.
The AESC Executive Search Recruitment & Resume Bank & Connection to Global Retained Executive Search Firms
Job Search Results From and Partners
ExecuNet - Login To ExecuNet -- The premier executive career site from The Wall Street Journal - The Jobs. The Recruiters. The Good Life.
ExecGlobalNet - The Executive Job Search Connection - Nonprofit Jobs,Public Sector Jobs,Resume Writing,Executive Job Search
DirectEmployers Employment Search Engine
job search - find jobs, employment, & careers at
Executive Job and Career Search for Professionals
executive search, executive search firm, executive job search
WSACorp-Executive Job Search Center


Wall Street

Certified Coin Exchange (CCE)
Global Penny Stocks
Hoover's StockScreener Search
IPIX Of The Week
Las Vegas SUN Investment News
Microsoft Investor
PC Financial Network - Home
Stock Club
StockMaster Top Stocks_ Most Requested
The Economist_ Summaries by e-mail
The Nasdaq Stock Market Home Page
Welcome to IPO Central
World Gold Council Web Site - Home Page Frameset


1) Market Research for Net Marketers from ActivMedia Incorporated
American Demographics _ Marketing Tools
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Computer Intelligence
IntelliQuest Home Page
International Data Corporation_ IDC is the leading provider of IT market research
Nielsen Media Research - Interactive Services
Online Library - Demographics
O'Reilly Home Page
Statistics and Demographics
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
Welcome to CyberAtlas

Business Resources

Advertising Age - Business Marketing's Top 100
Advertising Age - Special Reports
BizWeb Business Guide to the Web
Business DisciplineLinks
CompaniesOnline Search
Economics Press -- Training, Motivation and Business Information
Fortune 500 _ Introduction
Hoover's Online
Hot Hand Picked Business Help Links
Inc. Online_ The Web Site for Growing Companies
Industry Research Desk
International Business resources
Internet Directory
Internet Resources
Microsoft Smallbiz - Small Business Resource
SBA_ Small Business Administration Home Page
Search The Forbes 500s
SIBL How To Find U.S. Company Information
Small Business Resource Center Free Reports
smallbizNet - Information services for small business owners and entrepreneurs
The Resources of CIO Communications, Inc.
Welcome To Entrepreneur Magazine's BizSquare

Chambers across the US
Activerse - Ding!
Tools for WWW providers
Modem Speed Test Page
Delphion Intellectual Property Network
Verza - Online Selling Made Easy
Investor Necessities
ClearStation _ Welcome to ClearStation!
Yahoo! Connected Office - Home
Broadway's Best Investment Links Page -- Penny Stocks & Small Caps Sites
Click for more
Alert-IPO! - Welcome
Metra Information Center
U.S. Chamber of Commerce_ Chamber of Commerce Resources
CCC - U.S. Chambers of Commerce
GOLDSHEET Mining Directory - Comprehensive Mining Resource


Books and Magazines

> Gamblers' Bookcase > Customer Info _ CC
Craps Books
Books For Gamblers
Gamblers Bookstore
Gambler's Book Shop - Gambler's Book Club
The Gambler
Contacting ConJelCo
Kensington, Zebra, Pinnacle Imprints -- romance, fiction, nonfiction book publishers

Information Sites

Crapper's Delight
The Gamblers Edge - Craps Links
AnteUp Gambling Links - Informative - Craps
Gonegambling Gambling Links
Craps Online, craps , casino craps,craps systems, craps links, free craps software, craps strat
All Craps
Craps - learn rules, strategies, odds - Crappers Delight
The Official John Patrick Professional Gambler Website
All Things Craps with Edell
Let's Talk Winning On-Line Forum - Gamblers Emporium
A Gamblers Edge
Casino Tutor - Casino Game Tutorials and Lessons
Blackjackinfo.com_ Blackjack Strategy Engine, Rules, and much more!
Henry Tamburin on Casino
Phone numbers for Casinos worldwide. Starchip Enterprises, hobby, collecting, ccgtcc, catalog
Online Casino Gambling Portal - Free Casino Chips, Gambling Systems, Games!


Gamblers General Store
Casino Gambling Home Gambling Equipment Fundraiser Supplies!


Craps System - The Winning Craps System!
Jim The System Man
Barbi System - Ordering Options -Gambler's Emporium - Gambling Strategies
EZ-Casino - Automated Gaming Systems
Coach In Your Corner
Power Roulette
Infallible Roulette System... How to win at Roulette -Gambler's Emporium - Craps Strategies
Smart Gambler systems
Casino Roulette Systems_ Does ANY online roulette system really work_
JK's Winning at Roulette (casino gambling systems)
Craps Pit. Home page frame.
Roulette System Technique - A winning roulette system!
Roulette Systems
GL Roulette System (JK)
free roulette system
Roulette _ GC's winning gambling systems
Gambling Systems .com - Secrets of a Professional Player
Craps Pit. Systems and strategies. Home page frame.
Roulette Systems by


Free Casino Games

Book Publishers

Cardoza Publishing
Publishers' Catalogue Home Page
Kensington, Zebra, Pinnacle Imprints -- romance, fiction, nonfiction book publishers
Penguin Putnam Home
Random House Inc. Books@Random
The Lyons Press -- an imprint of the Globe Pequot Press
Bonus Books 2002

WinCraps - great craps software
Page 1
A Casino Gaming Portal_
Dragon Baccarat System
Ultimate Baccarat Systems
Another dice-setting trip - CasinoTalk Forum
Gambler's Junkyard Casino Supplies!
Craps and Dice Control - Better Betting
THE LEONARD BENSON Company - Las Vegas
Welcome to Player's Edge
Untitled Document
Gaming Page
Gambling Articles
Craps Pit. Systems and strategies. Home page frame.
The, official web site of Larry Edell and Leaf Press. Info on the casino game o
Casino Guide
Learn to Play
Winning Gambling Strategies
The Gamblers Edge
Winning Casino Gambling Strategies and Systems for craps and baccarat
Original Roulette Wheel Watch
101 Craps
Advanced Gambling Information - Craps Links
Craps Frequently Asked Questions
Craps Tutor
Craps for Beginners & Experts
Crazy Craps
Just for fun Craps
Odds In Craps
Power Craps
Gambling Systems
Gambling Formula
The World of Gambling
Gaming (Gambling) CyberTip4theDay
Real Entertainment Company
A Gambler's Supply Shop
Gaming Machine Services
Winning Roulette System gamble casino online
Winning Ways Free Subscription sign-up
online casino gambling at InterCasino - download free software and casino games
The International Bone Rollers' Guild
e-Vegas Exchange - Columnist Index
The Wizard of Odds - Gambling Strategies for Winners!
Gaming Magazine
I Love Atlantic City Online ~~ Current Hooked on Winning Column
Archived Columns
The Gambler
Casino Gambling Home Gambling Equipment Fundraiser Supplies!
Blackjackinfo.com_ Blackjack Strategy Engine, Rules, and much more!
Henry Tamburin on Casino
Best Craps Sites
CasinoGoers Software, Shareware, and Freeware.
The Gamer's Inn - Casino Games
Gambler's Corner
Blackjack Center. Your free guide to blackjack. Learn card counting, basic strategy, and more.
The Mathematics of Blackjack
BlackJack Bootcamp from GambleVision
Baccarat - Learn to play like a Professional with this unique free evaluation software - Home
Blackjack_ Blackjack Basic Strategy Charts_
free roulette system
Extreme Blackjack
JK's Winning at Roulette (casino gambling systems)
Roulette Systems .com
Chequers - The Home of Chips & Tokens on The Web
Information Gamblers Should All Know - Gamblink
Gambling Parade
Gambling Casino how to play online games
The GameMaster Online
internet gambling casinos. no download. casino. gambling - Casino Chips, Tokens, Silverstrikes & Displays
Casino City - The Complete Casino Gaming and Gambling Directory
Illinois Casino Directory Free e-Commerce and Online Store Hosting
2000 Chipman Catalogue
GAMBLING BOOKS CATALOG--More than 1000 different titles
FREE Casino Money and Bonus!
Casino Portal
AnteUp - Directory Links to Safe and Secure Online Casinos and Sportsbook Gam
Copyright © 2001 Gambling Magazine
Gambling Books
Gambling Systems .com - Secrets of a Professional Player
Welcome to the Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino & Sportsbook
Gambling News - News, Notes, and Tips for Online Gambling
Casino Chips
Craps - AllCraps
Gamblers General Store
books on the game of craps
Books General - The Search Engine Directory For Gamblers
The, official web site of Larry Edell and Leaf Press. Info on the casino game of craps.



Windows 95-98 » Development » Utilities -


Special Edition Using HTML 4 -- Ch 35 -- Active Server Pages
Sharing Dynamic Information
Active Server Pages - Active Server Pages Articles Your 1st source for free ASP live demo's, downloads, source code, and more!
Barbara's Page for Web Site Developers
Client and Server Scripting in Web Pages -The ASP resource on the web!
MSDN Online Web Workshop


VBScript Language Reference
Chapter 3 - ActiveX
Active-X.COM - Your ActiveX Component Library

General Web and HTML

Modem Speed Test Page
Web Site Development How to Create Your Own Web Page
webstars solutions
So, You Want A Style Sheet, Huh
HTML-Web Programming Resources
Dr. Website Archives - ®
Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition -- Table of Contents --
CQCIntroductions and Tutorials
WDVL XML Extensible Markup Language
Archive Documents
Web Site Promotion Tools ® Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in
Idocs Guide to HTML SELECT
Idocs Guide to HTML HTML Quick List
FAQ - Advanced HTML
HTML Developer Tag Library
HTML Tutorials Introduction To Forms - Creating HTML Forms On A Web Page - Web-Wise-Wizard
Welcome to JavaScript Kit, THE JavaScript technology center!
Coolnerds JavaScript Home Page

J++ and Java

Java Coding Standards
Java Software Coding Standards Guide
Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Sample Refresh Page
html and java bean web developer resource at - The Source for Java(TM) Technology
Java Programmer's SourceBook Thinking in Java
FileDudes HTML Effects for Win 95-98-NT
Java(TM) Boutique The Java Source
Java Applets and Scripts
Java Gotchas
Showing -code-effects-fire- -
Java Coffee Break - your free guide to the world of Java programming, packed full of free artic

Freebyte's List of Web Tools
JavaScript Source_ Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
META Group, Inc.
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code - Web Tools
Intuitive Systems Home Page
Connectivity with the BASIS ODBC Driver
Client-Server Databases and ODBC - What Does It All Mean_
Special Edition Using HTML 4 -- Ch 35 -- Active Server Pages
Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition -- Table of Contents --
The Infamous Win32__ODBC FAQ
Greg Gemignani's J++ Java Programming Language Page
Beginning HTML at
Class TableView.TableCell
MFC Programmer's SourceBook Splitter Window
Microsoft SDK for Java 3.2 - Microsoft Technologies for Java
So, You Want Advanced Applets, Huh
Web TimeSheet by Replicon - Web based timesheet application for the intranet
The Programming Sharehouse - Links
404 Research Lab
Web Test Tools
JavaScript Script Libraries
Answers That Work - Computer Solutions, Helpdesk, PC Troubleshooting

Qa and Testing


Impossibility of Complete Testing; software testing, software quality, coverage
Managing a Software Test Team
Software Customer Dissatisfaction and UCC Article 2B
ST Labs, Inc.

No Title
Ed Yourdon's Home Page
International Institute for Software Testing
STQE Magazine_ For The Developer, Tester, QA Analyst & Manager
Web Test Tools
Publications - Welcome
Product Evaluation
Software Testing Stuff
JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide_ Testing Tools
Coyote Valley Software
Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. - Speaker, Writer, Management Consultant for Product Development
Welcome to Gilb. Project Planning, Evolutionary Delivery & Quality Improvement
Software QA and Testing Resource Center
Testing Foundations - Brian Marick
Testing Craft
Gil Hansen's Java URLs
The Process Patterns Resource Page
SR_Institute's Software Quality HotList
People for the Ethical Treatment of Software
Software QA and Testing Frequently-Asked-Questions
Software Testing Hotlist
Web Site Design Tutorials - The Web Developer's Journal FAQ
Kerry's Software Testing
Automated Web Testing
All Things Web Testing and Quality Assurance
Usable Web
All Things Web
Making Web Pages Reader Ready
Search - Quality Assurance
Theory - Automated Web Site Testing

The HTML Writers Guild - Home
BILL Dean's Rantings_
pinstruck - digital voodoo
Camera List Page
Journal of Words and Phrases
Yahoo! Invite
The Corporate Library - Home
Welcome to - Your lyrics engine on the internet!
Publishers' Catalogue Home Page
3DFILES.COM - Screensavers Collection
404 Not Found Homepage
Animated Gif Welcome Page
ARIN Whois
Britney's NT hack guide
Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory websites
Darwin Awards
Deceit is Central to the 'Gun Control' Movement
Virtual Flowers
MSN Greeting Cards
Make someone smile with a card
Discover Magazine
Facts and Reference Best Source for Facts on the Net -
Job Search Guru Welcome
guaranteed top 30 positions in major engines, web site promotion by optimization, url submissio
Hacking Exposed 2nd Edition
How To Beat Speeding Tickets and Win!
Index of Book of Shadows
ISUR's UFO Links - Used by Researchers & Investigators Worldwide
Major News Search Engines
Make Them Accountable
Professional Cartoonists Index!
SAM'S Club _
MSN Gaming Zone
SpyNet Intellegence
TerraServer Homepage
The Prime Pages (prime number research, records and resources)
The Right-wing

Common Sites

Harris Bank MBanx PC Banking - The smartest way to see the web!
SafeWeb Startpage
Yahoo! Groups yummyrecipes
Metra Information Center
Ticketmaster USA
Intellicast Weather Radar_ Chicago
The Weather Channel - zip 60010
Muddy Shoes Software for Presentations
Flip Nehrt - Home Page - Showtimes
Deja News
ILLINOIS Lottery Results - Free Calls over the Internet
Citibank Account Online - Sign On
McAfee - AVERT - Virus hoax list
Symantec Security Updates Virus Hoax
My eBay Items I'm Bidding On for flipnehrt
Yahoo! Mail
PayPal Downloadsite
News of the Weird
Chicagoland Expressway Congestion Map
Gambling tips exposed - Explode your casino profits!
Winning Gambling Strategies
TKL Tracker
CCNow Login
Digital River Login Page
WINAMP.COM Winamp Radio
EMusic World's Most Popular MP3 Service! Legitimate mp3s, virus free mp3s, high quality mp3s,
AirTran Airways - Online Reservations
List Builder - Microsoft bCentral
Barrington Area Library Home Page

Nic Sites

Rheidol DVD - dvd authoring and encoding wales, dvd design and creation, interactive training materials - Extending DVD
DVD Demystified

Radio Station Guide
Web Events
Alcohol Warning Flash
Roulette System
Webshots Community - my photos
Roulette Strategy And Betting Systems
Web Server Statistics
Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
International Hardware Week
McAfee Special Partner Offer - PC Booster download freeware and shareware programs from the world's largest collection of Internet software.
Credit card processing rates and fees
Internet Marketing Tools - free download an interesting internet tools site promotion advertising
LoneWolf's Lair The Multimedia Archives
Short Final - The full list
Funny quotes