This is a collection of image files about the 1% vs. the 99%

This is what I have collected from various emails and websites - how the 1% is killing the 99%.


What We Already Knew About The Tea Party And 'The Newsroom' Finally Said Out Loud

Brave New Films

Voter Fraud

5 Sentences That Could Spell The End Of Mitt Romney's Campaig

What If The Country Isn't Really Broke?

Jon Stewart Reveals The Absolute, Laughable Absurdity Of Michele Bachmann's Witch Hunt

Bernie Sanders Slays The GOP 'Debt' Monster With 5 Minutes Of Pure Common Sense

Bill Nye The Science Guy Was Asked About Evolution Deniers And This Is What He Said

HILARIOUS! Jon Stewart On Todd Akin's Magic Organs And Mitt Romney's 'Humor'

This Is How You Beat The Tea Party

Tick Tock: Robert Reich Schools Us On Taxes In 3 Minutes Or Less

Marriage Became A Basic Civil Right 45 Years Ago

What Republicans REALLY Think Of Mitt Romney In One Clip

DON'T CLICK! Unless You Love Samuel L. Jackson And The 'F' Word

FACEPALM! Romney Tries To Get Crowd To Chant His Name, But This Happens Instead

Jon Stewart: "The Closer We Get To The Election, The Dumber Mitt Romney Appears To Be Getting"

The GOP Started A War On Women, And American Women Are Here To End It

The Most Important Issue Of Our Lives Isn't Even Being Addressed By Most Candidates

Awesome Great-Grandma Gives Romney A Piece Of Her Mind

BOOM: Sarah Silverman Blows Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Out Of The *^^%$ Water [NSFW]

How Would You Feel If This Was Your Husband And Mitt Romney Called Him A 'Freeloader?'

Why Romney's ''Let Detroit Go Bankrupt'' Would Have Been Exactly The Wrong Move 4 Years Ago

This Powerful Clip Is Exactly Why We Support #OccupyWallStreet

This Is How You Call Out Lies, And This Is How Liars Respond

Jon Stewart On How Romney Can't Stop Insulting The 47% Long Enough To Reboot His Campaign

Mitt Romney Gets His Ass Handed To Him By A Gay Veteran

SHOCKING: The Truth About How Walmart Treats The Employees You Don't See

Jimmy Fallon Stars In This Hilarious James Taylor Parody,''Romney & Bain''

This Video MIGHT Stop Romney From Becoming President

What George Carlin Knew About The 'Pro-Life' Movement

What All Women (And The Men Who Love Them) Need To Know Before November

The One Where Jon Stewart Does A Better Job Reporting The Truth About 9/11 Than The News Does

If This Is Why Mitt's Taxes Are Secret, His Base Will Disown Him

GOING VIRAL: Mitt, Meet Mitt. Because Americans Deserve A Candidate Who Agrees With Them

The Best Takedown Of A Tea Partier Came From The President Of Ireland

Robert Reich And Jared Bernstein Expose Mitt Romney's Main Campaign Lies

HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Mitt Romney's RNC Speech

The Powerful Elizabeth Warren Speech That'll Make You Say, 'Hell Yes!'

Bill Clinton Rips Apart Every GOP Talking Point In A Speech That'll Get You Fired Up

Michelle Obama's Amazing DNC Speech Wins All But The Most Hardened Of Hearts In America

Jon Stewart Calls Out Big-Shot Teachers With Their Fancy No. 2 Pencils

Jon Stewart: 'F_ck The Poor'

President Obama On Todd Akin's Statement: 'The Views Expressed Were Offensive.'

The Tax Calculator For Anyone Opposed To Putting Their Cash Through A Shredder

If True, This Would Be The Most Heartless Case Of Corporate Cruelty We've Heard Of All Week

Paul Ryan And The GOP Are Creating The Real Hunger Games—That Only They Can Win!

The Best Darn Display Of Real Journalism On A Major Network We've Seen In A Really Long Time

All Men Are Created Equal. Except For One Of These Twins, Apparently.

This Comedian Stopped Being Funny For 3 Minutes To Make This Short Video. Here's Why.

Everyone Around You Needs To See This Video Robert Reich Dropped Everything To Make

Enjoy Watching Mitt Get His A** Handed To Him? Watch Jennifer Granholm Do It

What If Everyone Saw This Clip Of Robert Reich Exposing 7 GOP Lies?

Everyone Around You Needs To See This Video Robert Reich Dropped Everything To Make

HILARIOUS! Stephen Colbert Picks Apart The Paul Ryan VP Choice

Is Ayn Rand Really The Person Republicans Want To Imitate?

This Lady Isn't Even Trying To Make Paul Ryan Look Dumb

HILARIOUS: 'I Didn't F_ _ k It Up'

The One Reagan Quote That Republicans DON'T Talk About

When You Use This Word In The Wrong Way, You Piss My Wife Right Off

The Powerful Story Of What Mitt Romney's Company Did To One Family:

Warren Buffett And Bill Gates On Why The Wealthy Need To Pay More Taxes

Why You Should Head To Chick-Fil-A On Wednesday And Drop Proverbs 25:21 On The Counter

Two Guys Pled Guilty To Raping A Teen And She Could Go To Jail For Telling You Their Names

Eight Hotel Workers Made A Powerful Video That Hyatt Is Probably Freaking Out About

What's The Difference Between 'Liberal' And 'Conservative'?

Stop A Couple Of People From Voting Republican This Year. Just Share This Hilariously Eye-Opening Video.

Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What?

HILARIOUS! Lewis Black Cuts Presidential Campaign Lies Up And Spits Them Back Out

The George Carlin Clip Every American Needs To See

Two Lesbians Went To Talk To Mitt Romney When He Was Governor And This Is What He Said

Is There Anything More Beautiful Than This?

What 3 Things Do You Need To Change The World?

Seriously The Best (And Only) Gandhi Rap We've Ever Seen:

Ann Romney: 'We've Given All You People Need To Know'

The Most F_ _ked Up Way To Fire People We've Heard Of In A Long . . . Wait. No. Ever.

HILARIOUS! Jon Stewart Takes On Romney's 'Bain Damage'

Jude Law And A Homeless Polar Bear In The Most Hauntingly Powerful Environmental Video We've Seen All Year

''Old Dudes Talking About 'Sluts' And 'Honest Rapes' Have Our Best Interest At Heart.'' Said No One Ever

BREAKING: Obama Doubles Down, Releases Scathing New Ad On Romney's Record

HILARIOUS! Bill Maher On Why Republicans Act Exactly Like 14-Year-Old Boys

10 Men In One Day. She's 13.

EXPOSED: Mitt Romney's Koch Problem

Watch This Powerful 2:30 And You'll Never Look At Restaurant Workers The Same Way Ever Again

The Most Powerful 4th Of July Speech Is One You've Probably Never Heard

Why Medicare Gets A Boost From Obamacare, As Told By Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith Takes On The Patriot Act

Dear Climate Deniers, You're Ridiculous. Warmly, Bill Maher & Neil Degrasse Tyson, Esq.

Jon Stewart Breaks Down Last Week's Supreme Court Decision In Hilarious Fashion

Fifty Years From Now, The Oceans Will Look Nothing Like They Do Today

BP: Because Eyeless Shrimp Are, Y'know, Healthy And Stuff

The 30-Second Ad (With A Surprise Ending) That'll Make You So Happy!

See Obama. See Obama Talk About Obamacare.

If You Loved 'The West Wing', Watch This. Now.

Alan Grayson: The Republican Health Care Plan Is 'Don't Get Sick!'

The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes

WTF? This Ex-Congressman Was Denied The Right To Vote

Bernie Sanders On The Devastating Effects Of The Farm Bill

Kate Winslet: 'I Don't Look Like That And I Don't Desire To Look Like That'

HILARIOUS! Jon Stewart Almost Punked By Fox News

Suze Orman Exposes The Biggest Secrets About Student Debt That Banks Don't Tell You

They Made This Beautiful Video Back In October And It's Even More Important Today

The Most Passionate Defense Of Workers We've Seen Yet

The Most Aggressive Defense Of Teachers You'll Hear This Year

(not a video) Legal Analysis Outlines Potential Crime In Mitt Romney's Financial Disclosures

(not a video) MOBY: Mitt Romney's Disdain For The 47%

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