The Big List of Collective Nouns


1.       An array of hedgehogs (prickle)

2.       A babble of barbers

3.       A badelynge of ducks (on the ground)

4.       A bag of game

5.       A bale of turtles (dule, turn)

6.       A band of coyotes

7.       A band of gorillas (whoop)

8.       A band of jays (party, scold)

9.       A band of men

10.   A band of mongooses (pack)

11.   A band of musicians

12.   A band of robbers

13.   A bank of circuits

14.   A bank of monitors

15.   A bank of swans

16.   A banner of knights (rout)

17.   A barrel of monkeys

18.   A barren of mules (pack, rake, span)

19.   A bask of crocodiles (congregation, float, nest)

20.   A basket of plums

21.   A batch of bread (caste)

22.   A battery of artillery

23.   A battery of barracuda

24.   A battery of guns

25.   A battery of tests

26.   A bavin of brushwood

27.   A bazaar of guillemots

28.   A bed of clams

29.   A bed of cockles

30.   A bed of flowers (bouquet, bunch, patch)

31.   A bed of mussels

32.   A bed of oysters (hive)

33.   A bed of snakes

34.   A bellowing of bullfinches

35.   A belt of asteroids

36.   A bench of aldermen

37.   A bench of bishops

38.   A bench of bishops (psalter)

39.   A bench of judges (sentence)

40.   A bench of magistrates

41.   A bevy of beauties

42.   A bevy of doves

43.   A bevy of ladies

44.   A bevy of larks

45.   A bevy of maidens

46.   A bevy of otter

47.   A bevy of quail

48.   A bevy of quails (covey, drift)

49.   A bevy of roe deer

50.   A bevy of swans

51.   A bew of partridges

52.   A bike of (wild) bees

53.   A bike of hornets (nest, swarm)

54.   A bill of ruffs

55.   A bind of eels

56.   A bind of salmon

57.   A bind of salmons(draught, leap, run, school, shoal)

58.   A blackening of shoemakers

59.   A blast of hunters

60.   A blessing of unicorns

61.   A bloat of hippopotami (crash, herd, pod, school, thunder)

62.   A blush of boys

63.   A board of directors

64.   A board of trustees

65.   A bob of seals

66.   A boil of hawks

67.   A boll of flour

68.   A bond of women

69.   A book of wagers

70.   A bouquet of flowers

71.   A bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)

72.   A brace of bucks

73.   A brace of ducks (a pair)

74.   A brace of geldings

75.   A brace of grouse

76.   A brace of pheasants (a pair)

77.   A branch of Mormons (Latter-day Saints)

78.   A brigade of soldiers

79.   A brood of chickens (cletch, clutch, peep)

80.   A brood of chicks

81.   A brood of grouse (single family)

82.   A brood of hens

83.   A brood of turkeys (young)

84.   A budget of inventions

85.   A budget of papers

86.   A building of rooks

87.   A bunch of bananas (hand)

88.   A bunch of grapes (cluster)

89.   A bunch of seals

90.   A bunch of wigeon

91.   A bundle of asparagus

92.   A bundle of firewood

93.   A bury of conies (game)

94.   A bury of rabbits

95.   A business of ferrets (cast, fesnying)

96.   A business of flies

97.   A cache of jewels

98.   A cache of weapons

99.   A cadge of peregrines

100.                       A caravan of camels

101.                       A caravan of desert travelers

102.                       A carillon of bells (change, peal)

103.                       A cartload of chimpanzees

104.                       A cartload of monkeys

105.                       A cast of actors

106.                       A cast of actors/players (company, cry)

107.                       A cast of falcons

108.                       A cast of hawks

109.                       A caste of flower-pots

110.                       A catch of collective nouns

111.                       A catch of fish

112.                       A cavalcade of horsemen

113.                       A cete of badgers

114.                       A cete of badgers (colony)

115.                       A chain of bobolinks

116.                       A chain of islands (archipelago)

117.                       A chain of matches

118.                       A chapter of canons (dignity)

119.                       A charm of fairies

120.                       A charm of finches (chirm, trembling, trimming)

121.                       A charm of goldfinches (chattering, drum, troubling)

122.                       A charm of hummingbirds (chattering, drum, troubling)

123.                       A chatter of budgerigars

124.                       A chattering of chicks

125.                       A chattering of choughs (clattering)

126.                       A chattering of goldfinches

127.                       A chest of drawers

128.                       A chine of polecats

129.                       A choir of angels

130.                       A choir of singers

131.                       A chorus of angels

132.                       A circus of puffins

133.                       A clamour of rooks

134.                       A clan of hyenas

135.                       A clash of bucks

136.                       A clashing of economists

137.                       A class of students

138.                       A clattering of choughs

139.                       A clew of worms

140.                       A cloud of bats (colony)

141.                       A cloud of gnats (horde, rabble, swarm)

142.                       A cloud of grasshoppers (cluster, swarm)

143.                       A cloud of sea fowl

144.                       A cloud of seafowls

145.                       A clowder of cats (glaring, cluster, clutter)

146.                       A cluck of chickens

147.                       A clump of reeds

148.                       A clump of trees

149.                       A cluster of antelopes (herd, tribe)

150.                       A cluster of bombs

151.                       A cluster of cats

152.                       A cluster of computers

153.                       A cluster of grapes

154.                       A cluster of grasshoppers

155.                       A cluster of porcupine fish

156.                       A cluster of spiders

157.                       A cluster of stars

158.                       A clutch of chicks

159.                       A clutch of eggs

160.                       A clutch of motorcyclists

161.                       A clutter of cats

162.                       A clutter of spiders (cluster)

163.                       A clutter of starlings

164.                       A coalition of cheetahs

165.                       A cohort of zebras (herd, zeal)

166.                       A coil of wigeon

167.                       A collection of objects

168.                       A collective of nouns

169.                       A colony of ants (army, bike, swarm)

170.                       A colony of ants, bats, beavers, lepers, penguins

171.                       A colony of auks (flock, raft)

172.                       A colony of avocets

173.                       A colony of badgers

174.                       A colony of bats

175.                       A colony of beavers

176.                       A colony of beavers (family, lodge)

177.                       A colony of chinchillas

178.                       A colony of frogs

179.                       A colony of fungi

180.                       A colony of fungus

181.                       A colony of gulls

182.                       A colony of ibises

183.                       A colony of lepers

184.                       A colony of penguins (parcel, rookery)

185.                       A colony of puffins (on land)

186.                       A colony of rabbits (bury, drove, flick, kindle, leash, nest, trace, warren, wrack)

187.                       A colony of rats (horde, mischief, swarm)

188.                       A colony of seals (harem, herd, pod, rookery, spring)

189.                       A colony of termites (swarm)

190.                       A colony of voles

191.                       A colony of vultures (committee, wake)

192.                       A colony of wasps (bike, nest)

193.                       A communion of saints

194.                       A company of actors

195.                       A company of angel fish

196.                       A company of archer fish

197.                       A company of capitalists (syndicate)

198.                       A company of girl guides

199.                       A company of moles

200.                       A company of parrots (flock, pandemonium, psittacosis)

201.                       A company of soldiers

202.                       A company of widgeons (bunch, coil, flight, knob, trip)

203.                       A company of wigeon

204.                       A confab of doctors

205.                       A conflagration of arsonists

206.                       A confraternity of smokers

207.                       A confusion of architects

208.                       A congregation of alligators

209.                       A congregation of birds

210.                       A congregation of churchgoers

211.                       A congregation of crocodiles

212.                       A congregation of magpies (charm, flock, gulp, murder, tiding, tittering, tribe, )

213.                       A congregation of people

214.                       A congregation of plovers (band, flight, leash, stand, wing)

215.                       A congregation of worshippers

216.                       A congress of baboons (flange, troop)

217.                       A conjunction of grammarians

218.                       A conspiracy of ravens

219.                       A constellation of stars

220.                       A converting of preachers

221.                       A convocation of eagles (aerie)

222.                       A convoy of lorries

223.                       A convoy of trucks

224.                       A copse of trees

225.                       A cornucopia of slugs

226.                       A corps of giraffes

227.                       A cortege of mourners

228.                       A cote of doves

229.                       A coterie of orchids

230.                       A coterie of prairie dogs

231.                       A coterie of prairie dogs (town)

232.                       A couple of impalas

233.                       A coven of witches

234.                       A covert of coots

235.                       A covert of coots ( commotion, cover, fleet, flock, pod, rasp, swarm)

236.                       A covey of grouse (brace, brood, flight, pack)

237.                       A covey of partridges (bevy, bew, clutch, warren)

238.                       A covey of pheasants (on the ground)

239.                       A covey of ptarmigans

240.                       A covey of quail

241.                       A covey of woodcock

242.                       A cowardice of curs

243.                       A cran of herrings

244.                       A crash of hippopotami (hippos)

245.                       A crash of rhinoceri (rhinos)

246.                       A crash of rhinoceroses (herd, stubbornness)

247.                       A crash of seals

248.                       A creche of penguins

249.                       A crew of sailors

250.                       A crowd of onlookers

251.                       A crowd of people (audience, congregation, mob)

252.                       A crowd of redwings

253.                       A cry of dogs

254.                       A cry of hounds

255.                       A culture of bacteria

256.                       A curse of painters (illusion, misbelieving)

257.                       A cutting of cobblers (drunkship)

258.                       A decanter of deans (decorum)

259.                       A deceit of lapwings

260.                       A deck of cards

261.                       A deck of sailors

262.                       A den of snakes (bed, knot, nest, pit, trogle)

263.                       A den of snakes, thieves

264.                       A den of thieves (gang)

265.                       A descent of relatives

266.                       A descent of woodpeckers

267.                       A desert of lapwings (deceit)

268.                       A destruction of (wild) cats (dout, dowt)

269.                       A destruction of cats (feral)

270.                       A destruction of wildcats (dout)

271.                       A dicker of hides

272.                       A diligence of messengers

273.                       A disguising of tailors

274.                       A dissimulation of birds

275.                       A diving of teal

276.                       A division of soldiers

277.                       A doading of sheldrakes

278.                       A dole of doves

279.                       A dole of doves ( dule, flight, piteousness, pitying, prettying)

280.                       A dole of turtles

281.                       A dopping of ducks (diving)

282.                       A dopping of goosanders

283.                       A dopping of sheldrakes (doading)

284.                       A dossier of documents

285.                       A dout of cats (house cats)

286.                       A down of hares

287.                       A down of rabbits

288.                       A down of sheep

289.                       A doyft of swine

290.                       A doylt of (tame) pigs

291.                       A doylt of (tame) swine (drift, trip)

292.                       A draught of butlers

293.                       A draught of fish

294.                       A dray of squirrels (colony)

295.                       A drift of bees

296.                       A drift of boars (herded)

297.                       A drift of hogs (drove, parcel)

298.                       A drift of swans (on water)

299.                       A drift of swine

300.                       A dropping of pigeons

301.                       A drove of asses

302.                       A drove of bullocks

303.                       A drove of cattle

304.                       A drove of donkeys

305.                       A drove of goats

306.                       A drove of hares (down, flick, herd, husk, kindle, leash, trace, trip)

307.                       A drove of oxen

308.                       A drove of pigs (drift, flock, herd)

309.                       A drove of rabbits

310.                       A drove of sheep

311.                       A drove of swine (herd)

312.                       A drum of goldfinches

313.                       A dule of doves

314.                       A dule of turkeys

315.                       A dule of turtles

316.                       A durante of toucans

317.                       A faculty of academics

318.                       A faith of merchants

319.                       A fall of lambs

320.                       A fall of woodcocks (covey, flight, plump)

321.                       A family of beavers

322.                       A family of otter

323.                       A family of otters (bevy, raft, romp)

324.                       A family of sardines

325.                       A farrow of piglets (litter)

326.                       A farrow of pigs (piglets)

327.                       A feast of brewers

328.                       A fellowship of yeomen

329.                       A fesnyng of ferrets

330.                       A festival of balloons

331.                       A fesynes of pheasants

332.                       A fidget of altar boys

333.                       A field of racehorses (string)

334.                       A field of runners

335.                       A fitting of sails

336.                       A fixie of hipsters

337.                       A flange of baboons

338.                       A flap of nuns

339.                       A fleet of airplanes, ships

340.                       A fleet of bass (shoal)

341.                       A fleet of boats

342.                       A fleet of cars

343.                       A fleet of cars

344.                       A fleet of ducklings

345.                       A fleet of lorries (convoy)

346.                       A fleet of mudhens

347.                       A fleet of ships (armada, flotilla)

348.                       A fleet of trucks

349.                       A fleet of vehicles

350.                       A flick of rabbits

351.                       A flight of aeroplanes

352.                       A flight of bees

353.                       A flight of birds

354.                       A flight of butterflies (kaleidoscope, rabble, swarm)

355.                       A flight of cormorants (gulp)

356.                       A flight of doves

357.                       A flight of dragons (weyr, wing)

358.                       A flight of dunbirds (rush)

359.                       A flight of goshawks

360.                       A flight of insects (horde, plague, rabble, swarm)

361.                       A flight of pigeons (flock, kit, passel, )

362.                       A flight of stairs

363.                       A flight of steps

364.                       A flight of swallows (gulp)

365.                       A fling of dunlins

366.                       A fling of oxbirds

367.                       A fling of sandpipers

368.                       A flink of cows [12+]

369.                       A float of crocodiles

370.                       A float of tunas (troup)

371.                       A flock of birds (dissimulation, fleet, flight, parcel, pod, volary, )

372.                       A flock of birds, sheep

373.                       A flock of bustards

374.                       A flock of camels (caravan, herd, train)

375.                       A flock of chickens

376.                       A flock of ducks

377.                       A flock of geese

378.                       A flock of goats

379.                       A flock of lice (colony, infestation)

380.                       A flock of parrots

381.                       A flock of pigeons

382.                       A flock of seagulls

383.                       A flock of sheep (down, drift, drove, fold, herd, meinie, mob, parcel, trip)

384.                       A flock of swifts

385.                       A flock of tourists

386.                       A flock of turkeys (dole, dule, raffle, raft, rafter, posse)

387.                       A flotilla of boats

388.                       A flotilla of ships

389.                       A flotilla of swordfish

390.                       A flourish of strumpets

391.                       A flush of ducks (badelynge, brace, bunch, dopping, flock, paddling, plump, raft, safe, skein, sord, string, team)

392.                       A flush of ducks (brood)

393.                       A flush of mallards (on land)

394.                       A fluther of jellyfish

395.                       A flutter of fags

396.                       A fold of cattle

397.                       A fold of sheep

398.                       A forest of trees

399.                       A fraunch of millers

400.                       A fun of fish

401.                       A gaggle of (military) officers

402.                       A gaggle of geese (flock, plump, skein, team, wedge)

403.                       A gaggle of geese (on the ground)

404.                       A gaggle of women

405.                       A galaxy of governesses

406.                       A galaxy of starlets

407.                       A galaxy of stars

408.                       A galaxy of stars (constellation)

409.                       A gam of whales

410.                       A gang of buffalos (herd, obstinacy)

411.                       A gang of elks (herd)

412.                       A gang of hoodlums

413.                       A gang of labourers

414.                       A gang of slaves

415.                       A gang of thieves

416.                       A gang of workmen

417.                       A garland of sonnets

418.                       A gathering of clans

419.                       A gatling of woodpeckers

420.                       A gaze of raccoons

421.                       A generation of vipers

422.                       A giggle of girls

423.                       A glaring of cats

424.                       A glean of herrings (army, shoal)

425.                       A glide of flying fish

426.                       A glint of goldfish (troubling)

427.                       A glitter of generals

428.                       A glory of unicorns

429.                       A glozing of taverners

430.                       A goring of butchers

431.                       A grind of blackfish

432.                       A grind of bottle-nosed whales

433.                       A grist of bees

434.                       A group of guinea pigs

435.                       A group of islands

436.                       A grove of bayonets

437.                       A grove of trees

438.                       A hand of bananas

439.                       A haras of horses

440.                       A harem of seals

441.                       A hastiness of cooks

442.                       A haul of fish

443.                       A head of curlews (herd)

444.                       A heap of trash

445.                       A heard of harlots

446.                       A hedge of herons

447.                       A herd of antelope, buffalo, cattle, deer, zebra

448.                       A herd of asses

449.                       A herd of bisons (gang)

450.                       A herd of boar

451.                       A herd of boars (singular)

452.                       A herd of bucks (leash)

453.                       A herd of buffalo

454.                       A herd of buffaloes

455.                       A herd of caribou

456.                       A herd of cattle (drift, drove, mob)

457.                       A herd of chamois

458.                       A herd of chinchillas

459.                       A herd of cows

460.                       A herd of cranes

461.                       A herd of deer

462.                       A herd of deers (bunch, leash, mob, parcel, rangale)

463.                       A herd of dinosaurs (pack)

464.                       A herd of donkeys (drove)

465.                       A herd of elands

466.                       A herd of elephants (parade)

467.                       A herd of elk

468.                       A herd of fairies

469.                       A herd of giraffes (tower)

470.                       A herd of gnus (implausibility)

471.                       A herd of gnus (paper)

472.                       A herd of goats (caper)

473.                       A herd of harlots

474.                       A herd of hartebeests

475.                       A herd of harts

476.                       A herd of hippopotami

477.                       A herd of horses

478.                       A herd of ibexes

479.                       A herd of llamas

480.                       A herd of moose

481.                       A herd of oxen

482.                       A herd of pigs

483.                       A herd of ponies

484.                       A herd of sea horses

485.                       A herd of seahorses

486.                       A herd of seals

487.                       A herd of swans (bank, bevy, drift, eyrar, game, herd, lamentation, sownder, squadron, team, wedge, whiteness, whiting)

488.                       A herd of swine

489.                       A herd of walruses

490.                       A herd of whales

491.                       A herd of wildebeests

492.                       A herd of wolves

493.                       A herd of wrens

494.                       A herd of wrens (flock)

495.                       A herd of yaks (conversation)

496.                       A herd of zebras (crossing)

497.                       A hill of beans

498.                       A hill of ruffs

499.                       A hive of bees

500.                       A holiness of donuts

501.                       A horde of gerbils

502.                       A horde of gnats (itching)

503.                       A horde of hamsters

504.                       A horde of mice

505.                       A horde of rats

506.                       A horde of savages

507.                       A host of angels

508.                       A host of angels (chorus)

509.                       A host of sparrows (meinie, quarrel, tribe, ubiquity)

510.                       A house of senators

511.                       A hover of crows

512.                       A hover of trouts (shoal)

513.                       A huddle of lawyers

514.                       A huddle of penguins

515.                       A huddle of walruses (herd, ugly)

516.                       A hurtle of sheep

517.                       A husk of hares

518.                       A husk of jackrabbits

519.                       A husk of rabbits

520.                       A journey of giraffes (corps, group, herd, tower)

521.                       A kaleidoscope of butterflies

522.                       A kendle of kittens

523.                       A kennel of dogs

524.                       A kettle of hawks

525.                       A kindle of kittens (litter)

526.                       A kindle of leverets

527.                       A kine of cattle

528.                       A knab of toads

529.                       A knob of pintails [small number]

530.                       A knob of seals

531.                       A knob of teal

532.                       A knob of wigeon

533.                       A knot of frogs

534.                       A knot of toads (knob, nest)

535.                       A labour of moles (company, movement)

536.                       A lead of foxes

537.                       A leap of lambs

538.                       A leap of leopards (lepe)

539.                       A leash of bucks

540.                       A leash of deer

541.                       A leash of foxes

542.                       A leash of greyhounds

543.                       A leash of hares

544.                       A leash of hawks

545.                       A leash of hounds

546.                       A leash of rabbits

547.                       A lepe of leopards

548.                       A library of books

549.                       A litter of cats (kittens)

550.                       A litter of cubs

551.                       A litter of dogs (puppies)

552.                       A litter of kittens

553.                       A litter of piglets

554.                       A litter of puppies, kittens

555.                       A litter of pups

556.                       A litter of whelps

557.                       A lodge of beavers

558.                       A lounge of lizards

559.                       A machination of monkeys

560.                       A malapertness of pedlars

561.                       A marvel of unicorns

562.                       A mask of raccoons

563.                       A mass of priests

564.                       A match of nightingales

565.                       A melody of harpers

566.                       A melody of harpists

567.                       A memory of elephants

568.                       A menagerie of animals

569.                       A mess of grits

570.                       A mess of iguanas

571.                       A mess of officers

572.                       A mews of capons

573.                       A mews of hawks (aerie, cast, kettle, mew, moulting, screw, stream)

574.                       A miller of whores

575.                       A mischief of mice

576.                       A mischief of mice (horde, nest, trip)

577.                       A mischief of rats

578.                       A mob of emus

579.                       A mob of kangaroos (troop)

580.                       A mob of meerkats

581.                       A mob of sheep (Australian)

582.                       A mob of wallabies (bounce)

583.                       A mob of wallabyies

584.                       A mob of wombats

585.                       A morbidity of majors

586.                       A mouthful of worms

587.                       A movement of moles

588.                       A multiply of husbands

589.                       A murder of crows

590.                       A murder of crows

591.                       A murder of crows ( hover, muster, parcel)

592.                       A murmuration of starlings

593.                       A murmuration of starlings (chattering, cloud, congregation, clutter)

594.                       A muscle of marines

595.                       A muse of capons

596.                       A muster of peacocks

597.                       A muster of peacocks (ostentation, pride)

598.                       A muster of soldiers

599.                       A muster of storks

600.                       A mustering of storks

601.                       A mustering of storks (flight, phalanx)

602.                       A mutation of thrush

603.                       A mutation of thrushes

604.                       A mute of hounds

605.                       A nest of beakers

606.                       A nest of crocodiles

607.                       A nest of eggs

608.                       A nest of hornets

609.                       A nest of machine guns

610.                       A nest of mice

611.                       A nest of mice, snakes

612.                       A nest of pheasants

613.                       A nest of rabbits

614.                       A nest of rumours

615.                       A nest of snakes

616.                       A nest of vipers

617.                       A nest of vipers (generation)

618.                       A nest of wasps

619.                       A network of computers

620.                       A neverthriving of jugglers

621.                       A neverthriving of jugglers

622.                       A nide of pheasants (on the ground)

623.                       A nosegay of flowers

624.                       A nuisance of cats (house cats)

625.                       A number of mathematicians

626.                       A nursery of raccoons

627.                       A nursery of raccoons (gaze)

628.                       A nye of pheasants (bouquet, head, nide, warren, )

629.                       A nye of pheasants (on the ground)

630.                       A pace of asses

631.                       A pace of asses (drove, coffle, herd)

632.                       A pace of donkeys

633.                       A pack of bears (polar bears)

634.                       A pack of Brownies

635.                       A pack of cards (deck, hand)

636.                       A pack of coyotes

637.                       A pack of coyotes (band, rout)

638.                       A pack of dogs

639.                       A pack of dogs (kennel)

640.                       A pack of dogs, hounds, wolves

641.                       A pack of grouse

642.                       A pack of grouse (large group)

643.                       A pack of gulls

644.                       A pack of hounds

645.                       A pack of hounds (cry, hunt, kennel, leash, meet, mute, stable, sute)

646.                       A pack of mongooses

647.                       A pack of mules

648.                       A pack of perch

649.                       A pack of rats

650.                       A pack of sharks

651.                       A pack of stoats

652.                       A pack of stoats (trip)

653.                       A pack of weasels

654.                       A pack of wolves

655.                       A pack of wolves (herd, rout)

656.                       A paddling of ducks (swimming)

657.                       A pair of shoes

658.                       A panel of experts

659.                       A panel of experts

660.                       A panel of experts

661.                       A pantheon of gods

662.                       A pantheon of gods

663.                       A parade of elephants

664.                       A parade of penguins

665.                       A parcel of deer

666.                       A parcel of hinds

667.                       A parcel of hogs

668.                       A parcel of linnets

669.                       A parcel of penguins

670.                       A parel of troops

671.                       A park of artillery

672.                       A park of cars

673.                       A parliament of owls

674.                       A parliament of owls

675.                       A parliament of owls (stare)

676.                       A parliament of ptarmigans

677.                       A parliament of rooks

678.                       A parliament of rooks (building, clamour, congregation, shoal, wing)

679.                       A party of jays

680.                       A party of rainbow fish

681.                       A party of rainbow fish

682.                       A passel of brats

683.                       A passel of hogs

684.                       A passel of possums

685.                       A peal of bells

686.                       A peep of chickens

687.                       A phantasmagoria of phantoms

688.                       A picket of strikers

689.                       A piddle of puppies

690.                       A pile of books

691.                       A pile of dung

692.                       A pint of mussels

693.                       A pit of snakes

694.                       A pit of snakes

695.                       A piteousness of doves

696.                       A pity of prisoners (gang)

697.                       A pitying of doves

698.                       A pitying of turtle doves

699.                       A pitying of turtledoves

700.                       A plague of locusts

701.                       A plague of locusts (cloud, swarm)

702.                       A plague of rats

703.                       A platoon of soldiers

704.                       A platoon of soldiers

705.                       A plump of ducks (flying)

706.                       A plump of moorhens

707.                       A plump of seals

708.                       A plump of waterfowl

709.                       A plump of waterfowls (bunch, knob, raft)

710.                       A plump of wildfowl

711.                       A plump of woodcock

712.                       A pocket of hops

713.                       A pocket of oranges

714.                       A pod of dolphins

715.                       A pod of dolphins (flock, school, team)

716.                       A pod of peas

717.                       A pod of peas

718.                       A pod of pelicans (scoop)

719.                       A pod of porpoises

720.                       A pod of seals

721.                       A pod of walruses

722.                       A pod of whales

723.                       A pod of whales

724.                       A pod of whiting

725.                       A pod of whitings

726.                       A pomp of pekingese

727.                       A ponder of philosophers

728.                       A pontification of preachers

729.                       A pontification of priests

730.                       A pool of typists

731.                       A posse of police

732.                       A posse of police

733.                       A posse of sheriffs

734.                       A pounce of cats

735.                       A poverty of pipers

736.                       A prattle of parrots

737.                       A prettying of doves

738.                       A prickle of hedgehogs

739.                       A prickle of porcupines

740.                       A prickle of porcupines

741.                       A pride of lions

742.                       A pride of lions (flock, sault, sawt, sowse, troop)

743.                       A pride of lions, peacocks

744.                       A pride of ostriches (flock)

745.                       A pride of peacocks

746.                       A promise of barmen

747.                       A prudence of vicars

748.                       A prudence of vicars

749.                       A puddling of mallards (on water)

750.                       A pump of ducks (in flight)

751.                       A punnet of strawberries

752.                       A purse of winnings

753.                       A quantity of smelts

754.                       A quarrel of sparrows

755.                       A quire of newspapers

756.                       A quiver of arrows

757.                       A quiver of arrows

758.                       A quiver of arrows

759.                       A quiver of cobras

760.                       A quiver of cobras

761.                       A rabble of butterflies

762.                       A rabble of remedies

763.                       A radiance of cardinals

764.                       A raffle of turkeys

765.                       A raft of alligators

766.                       A raft of coots

767.                       A raft of ducks (while idle in water)

768.                       A raft of otter

769.                       A raft of penguins (in water)

770.                       A raft of puffins (on water)

771.                       A raft of widgeon

772.                       A rafter of turkeys

773.                       A rag of colts

774.                       A rainbow of butterflies

775.                       A rake of colts

776.                       A rake of colts (rack, rag)

777.                       A rake of mules

778.                       A rangale of deer

779.                       A range of mountains

780.                       A range of mountains

781.                       A range of mountains

782.                       A rayful of knaves

783.                       A ream of paper

784.                       A rhumba of rattlesnakes

785.                       A rhumba of rattlesnakes

786.                       A riches of matrons

787.                       A richesse of martens

788.                       A richness of martens (richesse)

789.                       A ring of keys

790.                       A ring of keys

791.                       A roll of coins

792.                       A romp of otters

793.                       A rookery of penguins

794.                       A rookery of seals

795.                       A roost of fowls

796.                       A roost of pigeons

797.                       A rope of onions

798.                       A rope of onions

799.                       A rope of pearls

800.                       A rosary of quotations (mellificium)

801.                       A rouleau of coins

802.                       A rouleau of coins

803.                       A rouleau of money

804.                       A round of drinks

805.                       A rout of knights

806.                       A rout of wolves

807.                       A route of wolves

808.                       A royalty of princesses

809.                       A rumble of artillery

810.                       A rumpus of baboons

811.                       A run of fish

812.                       A run of hens

813.                       A run of poultry

814.                       A run of poultry

815.                       A run of salmon

816.                       A run of whales

817.                       A rush of pochards

818.                       A rush of pochards (flight, knob[small number])

819.                       A sarcasm of stagehands

820.                       A sault of lions

821.                       A scatter of ravers

822.                       A school of butterfly fish

823.                       A school of butterfly fish

824.                       A school of clerks

825.                       A school of cod

826.                       A school of fish

827.                       A school of fish

828.                       A school of porpoises

829.                       A school of porpoises (herd, pod)

830.                       A school of salmon

831.                       A school of shark

832.                       A school of sharks

833.                       A school of whales

834.                       A school of whales (float, gam, herd, mob, pod, run, shoal, troup)

835.                       A scold of jays

836.                       A scolding of seamstresses

837.                       A scorn of camels

838.                       A scourge of mosquitoes

839.                       A scourge of mosquitoes (swarm)

840.                       A screech of gulls

841.                       A scurry of squirrels

842.                       A sea of bishops

843.                       A sedge of bitterns

844.                       A sedge of bitterns (siege)

845.                       A sedge of cranes

846.                       A sedge of cranes (herd, sedge, siege)

847.                       A sedge of herons

848.                       A sedge of herons (flight, hedge, rookery, siege)

849.                       A sequitur of logicians

850.                       A serving of spoons

851.                       A set of bowls

852.                       A set of golf clubs

853.                       A set of sails

854.                       A setting of eggs

855.                       A sheaf of arrows

856.                       A sheaf of corn

857.                       A shimmer of hummingbirds

858.                       A shitload of stuff

859.                       A shiver of sharks (school, shoal)

860.                       A shoal of barbels

861.                       A shoal of bass

862.                       A shoal of fish

863.                       A shoal of fish (catch, draught, fray, haul, run, school)

864.                       A shoal of herrings

865.                       A shoal of mackerels

866.                       A shoal of minnows (steam, stream, swarm)

867.                       A shoal of pilchards

868.                       A shoal of pilchards (school)

869.                       A shoal of roach

870.                       A shoal of salmon

871.                       A shoal of shads

872.                       A shoal of sticklebacks (spread)

873.                       A shower of bastards

874.                       A shrewdness of apes

875.                       A shrewdness of apes

876.                       A shrewdness of apes (troop)

877.                       A shrivel of critics

878.                       A shrubbery of shrubs

879.                       A shuffle of bureaucrats

880.                       A shuffle of bureaucrats

881.                       A side of morris dancers

882.                       A siege of bitterns

883.                       A siege of cranes

884.                       A siege of herons

885.                       A simplicity of subalterns

886.                       A singular of boars

887.                       A sizzle of sausages (snaggle)

888.                       A skein of geese (in flight)

889.                       A skein of goslings

890.                       A skein of silk

891.                       A skirl of bagpipes

892.                       A skirl of pipers (poverty)

893.                       A skulk of foxes

894.                       A skulk of foxes (earth, lead, leash, troop)

895.                       A skulk of friars

896.                       A slate of candidates

897.                       A slate of candidates

898.                       A slate of candidates

899.                       A sleuth of bears

900.                       A slew of homework

901.                       A slither of snakes

902.                       A sloth of bears

903.                       A sloth of bears

904.                       A sloth of bears (sleuth)

905.                       A smack of jellyfish

906.                       A snarl of leopards

907.                       A snatch of pickpockets

908.                       A sneak of weasels

909.                       A sneak of weasels (gang, pack)

910.                       A sneer of butlers

911.                       A sord of mallards

912.                       A sord of mallards (flush, puddling, sute)

913.                       A sord of wildfowl

914.                       A sounder of (wild) boars [12+]

915.                       A sounder of (wild) pigs

916.                       A sounder of (wild) swine [12+]

917.                       A sounder of boars

918.                       A sounder of boars, pigs

919.                       A sounder of hogs

920.                       A sounder of pigs (wild pigs)

921.                       A sounder of swine

922.                       A soviet of ants

923.                       A sowse of lions

924.                       A span of mules

925.                       A span of oxen

926.                       A spawn of umbrellas

927.                       A spinney of trees

928.                       A spring of teals

929.                       A spring of teals (bunch, coil, knob, raft)

930.                       A sprinkle of hoses

931.                       A squabble of seagulls

932.                       A squad of beaters

933.                       A squad of players

934.                       A squad of players, soldiers

935.                       A squad of soldiers

936.                       A squad of soldiers (army, brigade, company, division, muster, platoon, troop)

937.                       A squadron of aeroplanes

938.                       A stable of horses

939.                       A stable of horses (drove, harras, herd, remuda, string, stud, team)

940.                       A staff of employees

941.                       A staff of employees

942.                       A staff of servants

943.                       A stage of actors

944.                       A stalk of foresters

945.                       A stalk of foresters

946.                       A stand of arms

947.                       A stand of flamingo

948.                       A stand of flamingoes, trees

949.                       A stand of flamingos

950.                       A stand of plovers

951.                       A stand of trees

952.                       A stand of trees (clump, forest, grove)

953.                       A staple of zines

954.                       A stare of owls

955.                       A state of princes

956.                       A stench of skunks

957.                       A stick of (air-dropped) bombs

958.                       A stick of paratroopers

959.                       A stock of businessmen

960.                       A storytelling of crows

961.                       A storytelling of ravens

962.                       A storytelling of rooks

963.                       A streak of tigers

964.                       A stream of minnows

965.                       A string of ducks

966.                       A string of pearls

967.                       A string of pearls (rope)

968.                       A string of ponies

969.                       A string of ponies (herd)

970.                       A string of racehorses

971.                       A stuck of jellyfish (fluther, smack, smuth)

972.                       A stud of horses (for breeding)

973.                       A stud of mares

974.                       A stud of mares

975.                       A subtlety of sergeants at law

976.                       A suit of sails

977.                       A superfluity of nuns

978.                       A superfluity of nuns

979.                       A surfeit of skunks

980.                       A sute of bloodhounds

981.                       A sute of bloodhounds

982.                       A sute of mallards

983.                       A swarm of ants

984.                       A swarm of ants, bees, fkies

985.                       A swarm of bees

986.                       A swarm of bees (bike, cast, cluster, drift, erst, game, grist, hive, rabble, stand)

987.                       A swarm of butterflies

988.                       A swarm of dragonet fish

989.                       A swarm of eels

990.                       A swarm of eels

991.                       A swarm of flies

992.                       A swarm of flies (business, cloud, grist, hatch)

993.                       A swarm of gnats

994.                       A swarm of insects

995.                       A swarm of rats

996.                       A swirl of paisleys

997.                       A tabernacle of bakers

998.                       A talent of gamblers

999.                       A tassel of strippers

1000.                   A team of athletes

1001.                   A team of athletes

1002.                   A team of cattle

1003.                   A team of ducks (in flight)

1004.                   A team of footballers

1005.                   A team of horses

1006.                   A team of horses, oxen, players

1007.                   A team of oxen

1008.                   A team of oxen (drove, herd, meinie, span, yoke)

1009.                   A team of players

1010.                   A team of seals

1011.                   A thicket of trees

1012.                   A thought of barons

1013.                   A thought of barons

1014.                   A threatening of courtiers

1015.                   A thunder of dragons

1016.                   A tiding of magpies

1017.                   A tittering of magpies

1018.                   A toil of peasants

1019.                   A tok of capercaillies

1020.                   A tok of capercailzies

1021.                   A torment of trainers

1022.                   A totter of giraffes

1023.                   A tower of giraffes

1024.                   A trace of hares

1025.                   A trace of rabbits

1026.                   A trembling of finches

1027.                   A tribe of baboons

1028.                   A tribe of goats

1029.                   A tribe of monkeys

1030.                   A tribe of monkeys, natives

1031.                   A tribe of natives

1032.                   A tribe of natives

1033.                   A tribe of sparrows

1034.                   A trimming of finches

1035.                   A trip of dotterel

1036.                   A trip of dotterels

1037.                   A trip of dotterels

1038.                   A trip of goats

1039.                   A trip of goats

1040.                   A trip of goats (flock, herd, trip, tribe)

1041.                   A trip of hares

1042.                   A trip of rabbits

1043.                   A trip of sheep

1044.                   A trip of wildfowl

1045.                   A trip of wildfowls (bunch, knob, lute, plump,scry, skein, sord, sute)

1046.                   A troop of apes

1047.                   A troop of apes, kangaroos

1048.                   A troop of baboons

1049.                   A troop of boy scouts

1050.                   A troop of dancers

1051.                   A troop of dogfish

1052.                   A troop of dogfish

1053.                   A troop of horsemen

1054.                   A troop of horses

1055.                   A troop of kangaroos

1056.                   A troop of lions

1057.                   A troop of monkeys

1058.                   A troop of monkeys (cartload, mission, tribe, wilderness)

1059.                   A troop of mushrooms

1060.                   A troop of mushrooms

1061.                   A troubling of goldfinches

1062.                   A troup of monkeys

1063.                   A troup of shrimps

1064.                   A troupe of acrobats

1065.                   A troupe of actors, performers

1066.                   A troupe of artistes

1067.                   A troupe of dancers

1068.                   A troupe of dancers

1069.                   A troupe of minstrels

1070.                   A troupe of minstrels

1071.                   A troupe of performers

1072.                   A troupe of performers (troup)

1073.                   A troupe of shrimps

1074.                   A truss of hay

1075.                   A tuft of grass

1076.                   A turn of turtles

1077.                   A unit of soldiers

1078.                   A venue of vultures

1079.                   A volery of birds

1080.                   A wad of bills

1081.                   A wad of bills, money

1082.                   A wad of money

1083.                   A waddle of penguins (dry land)

1084.                   A wake of buzzards

1085.                   A wake of buzzards

1086.                   A wake of vultures

1087.                   A walk of snails

1088.                   A walk of snipe (at rest)

1089.                   A walk of snipes (wisp)

1090.                   A warren of hares

1091.                   A warren of rabbits

1092.                   A warren of wombats

1093.                   A watch of nightingales

1094.                   A watch of nightingales (match, pray)

1095.                   A wealth of information

1096.                   A wealth of information

1097.                   A wedge of geese (flying in a V)

1098.                   A wedge of swans (flying in a V)

1099.                   A weyr of dragons

1100.                   A wheel of puffins (flying)

1101.                   A whiteness of swans

1102.                   A whoop of gorillas

1103.                   A wing of aircraft (flight)

1104.                   A wing of dragons

1105.                   A wing of plovers

1106.                   A wisdom of grandparents

1107.                   A wisdom of owls

1108.                   A wisp of snipe (in flight)

1109.                   A wolfpack of submarines

1110.                   A worship of writers

1111.                   A wrack of rabbits (young rabbits)

1112.                   A yap of chihuahuas

1113.                   A yoke of cattle (two)

1114.                   A yoke of oxen

1115.                   A yoke of oxen (two)

1116.                   A zap of lasers

1117.                   A zeal of zebras

1118.                   An aerie of eagles

1119.                   An aerie of hawks

1120.                   An agenda of tasks

1121.                   An agenda of tasks

1122.                   An ambush of tigers

1123.                   An ambush of tigers (streak)

1124.                   An ambush of widows

1125.                   An ambush of widows

1126.                   An anthology of poems

1127.                   An anthology of poems

1128.                   An anthology of prose

1129.                   An anthology of stories

1130.                   An arcana of tarot cards

1131.                   An archipelago of islands

1132.                   An argument of architects

1133.                   An argument of wizards

1134.                   An argumentation of historians

1135.                   An armada of ships

1136.                   An armada of ships

1137.                   An army of ants

1138.                   An army of caterpillars

1139.                   An army of caterpillars

1140.                   An army of caterpillars, frogs, soldiers

1141.                   An army of eagles

1142.                   An army of frogs

1143.                   An army of frogs (colony, froggery, knot)

1144.                   An army of herrings

1145.                   An army of soldiers

1146.                   An array of hedgehogs

1147.                   An arsenal of guns

1148.                   An ascension of larks

1149.                   An assembly of clergy

1150.                   An atlas of maps

1151.                   An audience of listeners

1152.                   An aurora of polar bears (pack)

1153.                   An earth of foxes

1154.                   An eleven of cricketers

1155.                   An eleven of footballers

1156.                   An eloquence of lawyers

1157.                   An embarrassment of riches

1158.                   An equivocation of politicians

1159.                   An erst of bees

1160.                   An escargatoire of snails (rout, walk)

1161.                   An exaltation of larks

1162.                   An exaltation of larks (ascension, bevy, flight)

1163.                   An illusion of magicians

1164.                   An illusion of painters

1165.                   An implausibility of gnus

1166.                   An intrusion of cockroaches

1167.                   An intrusion of cockroaches

1168.                   An obeisance of servants

1169.                   An obesiance of servants

1170.                   An observance of hermits

1171.                   An observance of hermits

1172.                   An obstinacy of buffaloes

1173.                   An obstruction of dons

1174.                   An orchard of trees

1175.                   An orchestra of musicians

1176.                   An orchestra of musicians

1177.                   An ostentation of peacocks

1178.                   An outfit of sails

1179.                   An ubiquity of sparrows

1180.                   An unction of undertakers

1181.                   An unkindness of ravens

1182.                   An unkindness of ravens (aerie, conspiracy)